Secrets Of Couples That Don’t Fight Often

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Marriage is meant to last a lifetime. The reason for this is simple; marriage is supposed to be enjoyable. It is supposed to be an awesome union that allows partners to be the best they can be while they enjoy peace, joy, and wholeness in their union.

It is however not unusual for couples to sometimes have arguments or fights. In fact couples in relationships without arguments or fights, most times turn out to be pretending and not showing their true selves.

This is not to say that a couple arguing frequently should be the norm, it just means that fights or arguments should not be too often in a love relationship.

I have been married for 3 years now and have as role models many couples who have been married for several years. I have come to know that the questions that bother the minds of couples who want their marriage to work are: how to make a relationship stronger or how to make a relationship last a lifetime? And is it normal for couples to fight?

All of these questions will be adequately addressed in this article. Just stay with me.

Relationship without arguments or fights



Characteristics Of Couples Who Do Not Fight Often

1. They use the magic words, excuse me, am sorry, pardon me, and their likes.

2. These couples who do not fight often have learned from their past mistakes and fights.

3. They learn the act of purposeful communication. Every issue is attended to on time and forgiveness is a key ingredient to keep a blissful relationship.

4. As a result of understanding they developed over time, they let some things go for the sake of oneness

5. They practice appreciation and compliment each other

6. Couples who don’t fight often spend quality time with themselves and enjoy each other’s company.


Now it is time to address the popular questions couples ask.

Question 1


How To Make A Relationship Stronger?

The following are tips to make a relationship stronger.

1. Both partners should avoid unhealthy competition; rather they should affectionately be there for each other. Also, they should be ready to make sacrifices for one another.

2. Each partner must strive to satisfy the other intimately.

3. Keep on dating your partner even after marriage, remember how things were used when you first met yourselves. Make sure your feelings for each other do not go sour.

4. Tell your partner how special he or she is to you. Relationships that stay strong are relationships where honesty, love, and trust are constantly being invested in by both parties.

5. Be dynamic enough to move with the trend of things. Dress in an appealing way to attract your partner at any time. For details of this read my blog post titled 15 Tips To Impress A Man And Attract Him Even More.

6. Be creative and ready to diversify your methods and approach to daily occurring life issues.

7. Make it a point of duty to appreciate your partner regularly and be honest enough to tell your partner the truth about his or her weaknesses though when speaking to your partner about his or her weaknesses you should do it lovingly and not in a condemnatory tone.

8. Don’t be jealous when your partner attains new feats or greater heights. Your partner’s success should be your success. Be indebted to one another. Loyalty and devotion should be your watchword whether in the presence and absence of your partner. This builds a strong relationship.


Question 2

Is It Normal For Couples To Fight?

Couple arguing

Truly, fights are inevitable in relationships, but how we react to them eventually is what matters. It is never wrong to fight or argue in a relationship. Every argument or fight has to be directed at making the relationship stronger and this should be done constructively not to overpower your partner.

Also, see arguments or fights as an opportunity to understand your partner better and know things like; what gets him or her angry, how to avoid aggressive situations and how to tolerate him or her when the heat is on. Below are strategies to handle the fight between couples.

1. Love Before Fight

Having a fight or an argument is normal, but love at the center of every fight gives control over every heated situation and acts as a safe landing at the end for every argument or fight in a relationship. If love is absent in a fight or an argument in a relationship, one of the greatest monsters that destroy a relationship called manipulation sets in.

Manipulation between partners is a fast killer of a good relationship. The confession of love between partners conquers every form of uproar in a relationship.

2. Stop The Blame Game, And Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility for action accompanied by a positive change of attitude is paramount to overcoming a fight or argument in a relationship.

3. Never Give Room To Assumption.

Find out the reasons for the changes in your partner’s behavior, please don’t cook up things or map out ideas in your mind, doing this leads to continuous fights, wrong conclusions, and frustrations in the long run.

4. Tackle Issues As They Come

Learn to address issues or problems as they arise, don’t give room to silence, which leads to negative accumulations and this leads to hatred. As problems arise, you should express yourself without being aggressive or using annoying language. Also, try to avoid interrupting each other while talking.

With this activity, the problem is detected, corrected and apologies made where necessary and surely, the love will be as strong as ever.



The strength of a relationship is determined by how strong the bond between couples is. Take time to invest positively in your relationship daily to make it stronger, so if fights or arguments happen, your relationship will not break rather, it will get stronger. Thanks for reading and do not forget to bookmark this post for future purposes.

How to make a relationship stronger


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