15 Painful And Heartbreaking Signs Your Crush Doesn’t Like You

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In today’s post, we will discuss signs your crush doesn’t like you. I understand that this is not what you may want to hear, especially when you genuinely love them from your heart. The least you would expect is that they love or like you back.

But what if they never like you back? What if what you feel about them isn’t what they feel for you? But of course, you may be tempted to wait and hope they will love you in return someday. Again, I ask, what if that day never comes?

There are so many questions to ask yourself. But will having blind hope be reasonable in this situation? I know the heart knows what it wants, but if it’s not forthcoming, you should know when to tell your heart to move on.

So often, we see the signs he doesn’t want you, but we still convince ourselves that he does for reasons best known to us. Funnily enough, I have been here before, and it only caused me heartache.

I wouldn’t like you to experience the disappointment, hurt, and embarrassment I faced even while I saw the handwriting on the wall. So, I hope to discuss the signs your crush doesn’t like you, so you know when nothing fruitful will come out of your desires.

Although it may cause you to be temporarily sad, it’s better than hoping for something that will never become your reality. So, allow me to share with you some signs your crush doesn’t like you.

1.  You Feel It

My crush doesn’t like me back, so what do I do to get them to like me? Can anyone relate? Most times, these questions came when we were teenagers and occasionally will come back even in adulthood. But one of the ways we deceived ourselves then and still do now is to ignore how we feel.

What you feel is different from how you feel. In this context, what you feel for that person is an intense feeling of deep affection, which can be translated as love. But on the other hand, how you feel can be interpreted as the vibes you get from them when they are around you.

Thus, they make ‘what you feel’ useless and inconsequential and firmly solidify the ‘how you feel’ emotions with their attitude toward you. And this often sends a clear message to you regarding their intentions.

The problem with many people is that they ignore how they feel to pursue what they feel, hoping their dreams one day will become their reality. And nine out of ten times, the story doesn’t end well. Instead, it ends in tears, heartbreak, and regrets.

And I say regrets because they think about their time wasted and wish they had spent it doing something more productive.

Rarely do people not feel it when the other person doesn’t like them, and vice versa. Whether you call it your gut feeling or your instincts, you will somehow feel it. And it would be best if you did not ignore that.


2.  They Don’t Try To Talk To You

Why does my crush not like me? This is perhaps another question frequently asked when discussing this topic. Interestingly, this question can only be answered correctly by your crush because, most times, the reasons are personal.

However, I do know that one of the signs your crush doesn’t like you is that they won’t even try to talk to you. That last statement is hard to swallow, but it is the truth. Of course, it is different when your crush tries to talk to you.

But when they don’t, I feel the message is a clearly sent one. Once, I remember someone saying that silence is a message. It is almost like they are the only person visible to you in a room full of others.

While in their world, you do not exist. And this can be very painful and embarrassing because when we have a crush, our behavior toward them will tell the world. So likewise, theirs will also tell the world exactly where we stand in their life.

It is an entirely different case when they try to talk to you. Then, of course, they could like you, leading to deeper feelings in the future. But when they do not attempt to speak to you, and when you try talking with them, the attitude you get is cold. It is a sign you shouldn’t ignore.

Sometimes, we even make excuses for them and say it is because they are having a bad day. But, if I may, why is it that when you try talking to them, it seems like they are having a bad?

Or could it be that the bad day only comes whenever you try to speak to them? You should know when you are not welcome and where you stand in the life of people. Undoubtedly, this will help you immensely.


3.  They Are Always Busy

One of the signs your crush doesn’t like you is when they are too busy to be with you any time you ask. So, again, I understand that this can be painful, given that you really care about this person, and all you want is for both of you to spend quality time together.

In such moments, you will be tempted to ask whether they are the busiest person on the earth or they don’t enjoy your company.

But, for you to still hope to get a chance at love with them, you keep your cool. So you carry the mindset that I don’t want to give them the vibe that I am offended.

Of course, honey, you are offended, and that is their aim. They want you to get the signal even without them saying I don’t like you.

But because you are stuck on the drug called hope, you carefully choose to ignore all the signs your crush doesn’t like you.

So am I saying that hoping is terrible? Certainly not, but we should know when to move on when our dreams of ending up with a particular person aren’t forthcoming. At least, it will save you from unnecessary pains and heartaches.

Perhaps, to some other person, you might ask, how do I know if my crush doesn’t like me anymore? For example, suppose you both used to hang out before, but lately, they are full of excuses when you suggest you spend time together. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that may indicate that the connection is no more.


4.  They Don’t Listen To You When You Talk

There are many signs your crush hates you, and you sure wouldn’t want to ignore any. So although I didn’t want to use the word hate, I just had to put it as it was. As horrific as it may sound, some people hate others.

And they don’t even want to speak to them, let alone listen. But, on the other hand, when a stranger does that to you, the pain is never compared to the one that comes from someone you have a crush on.

You might give some reasonable excuses for the stranger who does that to you, but what reason will you provide when your crush does the same to you? I couldn’t think of anything more embarrassing than being in the midst of others and speaking to your crush; everyone knew you spoke to them, and they blatantly ignored you.

So you see, either you are invisible to them, or they are deaf to your words. How demeaning can that be? And to what length will they show you they feel nothing for you in return?

There may be a glimmer of hope if you two get to talk with each other sometimes. They might have fallen for you if they continued with you, but they didn’t want that. Trust me; there could be different reasons why.

But when they totally shut you out, there couldn’t be a more unmistakable sign than this. You may not know why they changed suddenly. But whatever prompted that change can only be understood by them.


5.  They Are Seeing Other People

There are so many unmistakable signs your crush doesn’t like you. And I couldn’t think of any sign that passes the message of ‘I don’t want to date you’ more than this one.

Yet, often we keep praying that what we see isn’t true, especially regarding this topic. But, again, as I said earlier, this is the greatest height of it all.

No matter how you try to look super pretty or handsome for them, they will never see it. But, of course, there are many reasons for that; one is they don’t have any feeling of affection or love toward you.

And once that feeling isn’t mutual, you cannot force it, and they can’t fake it. At worst, one or both persons may pretend for a while, but eventually, the truth will come out, and you may not like it.

They may tell you things that will hurt you – something you didn’t expect you’d ever hear from their mouth. How would you feel if they told you you manipulated them into this situationship? But for you, you were finally living your dream with your crush.

It pays a lot to accept the reality of things instead of trying to force a person who doesn’t like you to like you back. Romantic relationships are best enjoyed when the feelings are mutual.

So if they see other people while you chase them around town, that may make you seem desperate and thirsty. And as I said earlier, it is a clear message that they don’t fancy you enough to want a relationship with you.


6.  They Are Not Jealous

Everyone has the tendency to be jealous at any time. It is another way of saying anyone can be jealous because we are humans. However, that doesn’t mean you should allow the feeling to control you because it can be unhealthy if it goes unchecked.

To set the record straight, I am not talking about jealousy due to a person’s achievements, possessions, or perceived advantages.

That type later grows into envy because of how much you have become resentful toward them. Yep, so when I refer to jealousy, I mean that type that comes because of your love for someone.

And because they are giving others more attention than you, it drives you nuts and makes you jealous anytime they do that.

So when your crush doesn’t seem to get jealous when they see you hanging out or having fun with others, chances are it is because they don’t love or like you.

You only feel jealous when attracted to someone and wish they were giving you all their attention instead of others.

When there is no feeling, they won’t even notice that you are there and won’t care about who you are with or not with because you don’t exist to them. And this often happens when your crush doesn’t like you back.


7.  They Don’t Treat You Differently

Some signs tell us a person likes us, while others say the opposite. Sadly, we don’t want to hear about the latter or see them. But such is life. At some point in life, we all have broken someone’s heart to be with another.

And the way you feel right now is how they felt too. But I guess it’s your turn now. I decided to take you down memory lane because I wanted you to recall how you treated that person you liked back then differently.

And as for the other person you didn’t like, I am sure you treated them differently. Maybe not harshly, but your behavior toward them pretty much said it all. So one of the signs your crush doesn’t like you is that they will not treat you differently.

The term ‘differently’ in this context means they won’t give you preferential treatment—the word preferential means of or involving preference or partiality, constituting a favor or privilege.

You know how you get some favors because the person likes you and not because you deserve them? Or how you get some privileges because the person has a crush on you – yeah, that’s the kind of treatment you get when someone has a crush on you.

So in most cases, when a person likes us, whatever we do is perfect in their eyes. They rarely see any wrongdoing, even when others can.

If your crush likes you, they will undoubtedly treat you with so much love and respect when you hang out with them.

And not because they are pretending but because they like you. And they feel that you will like them when they treat you preferentially.

Or perhaps, even like them more someday. Unfortunately, the precise opposite will happen when your crush doesn’t like you.

And it means they will never treat you differently. And of course, there are several reasons why people treat others differently, but let’s stop here for now.


8.  You Have To Reach Out First

Once, I was conversing with a friend, and it was going well until we began speaking about love. Anyway, to save you from the lengthy discussion, she said, “My crush doesn’t like me anymore,” I wanted to know more, so I asked why.

And she replied, “I always have to be the one to first reach out to him.” As sad as it may sound, it is the truth because I started by telling us that even before the signs come, you may feel that they don’t like you as they used to before.

Or, at worst, they don’t like you anymore. We do many things when we love someone or like them enough to pursue a romantic relationship.

One of those things is reaching out to them first before they do. Recall that I also said that romantic relationships would be better when the feelings are mutual. Additionally, the relationship will improve when you and your spouse share the responsibility.

This doesn’t mean there has to be a written rule or something like that. But knowing that you are not the only one who cares for the relationship’s health will go a long way.

Interestingly, this will tell you that your partner loves you and is committed to seeing the relationship blossom.

But if the whole work is left for one person alone to do, sooner than later, it will cause untold havoc in the dynamics of the relationship and even on the individual.

So if you constantly have to be the one who reaches out first, chances are they are not interested in having a relationship with you. I feel people know what they want and how to get it.

And interestingly, they also know how to keep what they love when they eventually find it. But, unfortunately,

for your love story with them, you are not what they want, so it may seem like they don’t know what to do. So all of those are signs your crush doesn’t like you.


9.  Doesn’t Compliment You

When a person likes you, it is not rocket science to know that they feel something for you because no matter how hard they try to hide it, something about them will surely let you know.

In other words, no matter how hard they try to comport themselves when around you, their feelings will betray them and let the cat out of the bag.

So, for instance, when a guy likes a girl, he will occasionally give her a polite expression of praise or admiration when he gets the chance. This is his way of indirectly telling her he likes and sees her. One of the primary reasons some guys do this is because they are shy.

But if he isn’t shy and no matter how good you look, he never compliments you even when others do; I think the handwriting is clear on the wall. This is one of the signs your crush doesn’t like you.


10. Doesn’t Try To Impress You

We naturally want to impress a person when we feel a deep romantic or sensual attachment to them. And in this context, that someone happens to be your crush. But on the other hand, when your crush doesn’t like you back, they are not in any way under pressure to impress you.

Often, when we have a crush on someone, we put ourselves under pressure because we want to look perfect for them so that we can catch their eye.

And I understand that because, as a teenager, I went through that phase. So, interestingly, it may sound shocking that some adults still feel this way when they have a crush on a person.

In a nutshell, when we like someone, we will try our best to impress them. But, when we don’t like a person, impressing them will be the last thing on our list.


11.  The Label Of Friendship

You can know how to tell if your crush doesn’t like you any more to want a romantic relationship with you. And one of the signs that usually accompany that is that they will always keep the friendship label on no matter how hard you try.

For instance, have you ever been in one of those situations where you and your crush are having a good time, and someone says you both will make a cute couple, and they quickly say we are just friends? That happens a lot, and it has happened in my own life.

Most often, we rarely see a person having a crush on someone, and they are not on talking terms. On the contrary, they are usually close friends.

And in such settings, one wants more than friendship while the other proudly keeps the friendship tag on. In such cases, they like you but not to a degree where they can have something romantic with you.


12.  They Don’t Remember Anything About You

When we like a person, we effortlessly remember things about them. But, on the other hand, to those we have feelings for, we will recall every tiny detail they have ever told us about their lives.

However, when we do not like a person, we will never remember anything about them, no matter how they drum it in our ears.

As painful as that may sound, we don’t just care because we don’t like them enough to want to have their information in our brains. In some cases, some people feel it is worthless.

So if countless times you have told your crush about your birthday, but they keep forgetting, maybe it is time you realize that they do not like you.

Birthdays are important, so if they fail to remember on different occasions, your guess is as good as mine.


13.  They Won’t Ask About Your Day

There are many things that can serve as an indicator that someone is interested in you. But, of course, it takes so little to tell that someone likes you because, as I said earlier, no matter how hard they try to comport themselves when with you, the warm, tender feelings they have for you will eventually betray them.

The same cannot be said of someone who has no feelings for you. They will not care about how your day went and won’t bother asking questions so they can know how it all went for you.

But, on the other hand, someone who likes you will want to share in such times because it is a way of bonding with the one they have feelings for.


14.  They Never Open Up

One of the unmistakable signs your crush doesn’t like you is when they do all they can to avoid having a meaningful conversation with you. They try their best not to open up because they probably don’t want any deep connections with you.

This can really be heartbreaking, especially if you genuinely like them. For such people, they are ok discussing shallow things with you, but as soon as you take a step to go deeper, they run away, which happens frequently.


15.  They Make You Feel Guilty For Caring Too Much

We are finally on the last point of signs your crush doesn’t like you. So let’s discuss how they guilt trip you for caring about them. When we love someone, wanting to go overboard for them comes naturally. Interestingly, the reason isn’t far-fetched.

True love, in its nature, is selfless and thrives more when it gives. So this should explain why it may seem like they are going overboard for you. But someone who doesn’t love you will make you feel awful for doing that for them.

So maybe before reading this article, you were asking, what are the signs that your crush doesn’t like you? These discussed here are obvious signs your crush doesn’t like you.

And as painful as it may sound, it is always better to go with the truth. Hopefully, you will meet someone who feels their world is incomplete without you.

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