100 Compliments Men Can’t Resist

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Cute Compliments For Him

Compliments for boyfriend are always useful, especially if you don’t use them often. Why shouldn’t you do it frequently? What most ladies do not know is that men love when they are praised.

Hey, I’m not talking about you being fake. I do mean when you genuinely say those words he yearns to hear. Words are powerful and if we agree they are, use them wisely.

Sweet compliments for guys should always be in a lady’s purse. How would you feel if his love tank was filled? Nice right? You will see the effect even in your relationship as well. Never starve your man of beautiful words. Most people think that men are beings that are not moved by words.

Nice Compliments For Him

Sweet words have a way of making a man feel loved and happy. If you’re bad at expressing how you feel toward your man, maybe, you want to tell him how you think he’s been doing good recently but just can’t. I understand how you feel. I’ll be giving you tips on compliments for your boyfriend and how to go about it all.


Guide On What To Compliment In A Man

Have you been thinking hard about nice compliments for him, and you just can’t seem to have any in mind? Maybe you have thought about a few, but you are unsure whether he will love it when you say it? Overthinking about the moment even before it happens will ruin things.

Go with the flow. Other times, we step from overthinking to worrying about the case. Instead of doing the latter, study him and pick out things you’ve discerned he is good at and start from there.

1. His Personality

 Best Compliments For Him

This is a good place to start from. I bet he is an interesting and pleasant person to be with? Is he likable? If the answers to both questions are yes, look no further. Compliments for boyfriend should start from the attributes that made you fall for him.

Cute compliments for him must not be about his physical looks first. People like it when they get complimented on their personality.

The best compliments for him from you will make him feel validated and nice. Trust me, it doesn’t require much energy to do. Here is a brief list I’ve put together. How do you compliment his personality?

“You Are So Thoughtful.”

This is most helpful, especially if he’s been doing wonderful things for you around the house or maybe even in public. Better yet, maybe he rendered the act of kindness to a friend or stranger, do not neglect it.

Telling him I see you, and I’m given you credit for that act, is mostly adorable.

To achieve this, you have to pay attention, otherwise, you’ll lose those moments whenever they come. When compliments for boyfriend are given, it serves as motivation for him to do better.

Be more genuine, so he doesn’t just think it’s you wanting to get something from him. Some folks only compliment their boyfriends when they want something from them. Avoid making that mistake.

“The Sweetest Guy I’ve Ever Met Is You.”

When people use the word “sweet, ” this doesn’t always connote looks alone. It also describes a person’s personality.

Let him know you believe that he is warm-hearted and that is sweet for you. It is always wonderful to have a warm-hearted individual for a lover.

Love compliments for him should sound like, “I appreciate the peace I feel when you’re around me,” or “there are a few kind-hearted men in the world, and I am proud to know one.”

Isn’t that amazing? Put yourself in his shoes to imagine how those words would make him feel.

“You Are A Phenomenal Listener.”

I once had a lady say to me, “I love the way you listen to me.” To be honest, hardly any people say words like that. All they say is, “wow, you’re handsome.”

That is good, but not unique. Men want to be seen and not just viewed. It means you’re taking notes about him, beyond his physique.

It means you’re getting to know me. This brings his patience and understanding into the picture. You’ve decided to look beyond the tissue, fat, and muscle standing before you. It is safe to say, you’re beginning to see his heart.

Many unique compliments for him from you takes your love life to an unprecedented level. As simple as saying, “thank you for listening to me last night,” means you just gave him a gold medal for being the best listener.

“You’re So Amusing.”

Good compliments for boyfriend that will make him love you more aren’t difficult to think of. Just look at him! As casual as, “babe, I love your sense of humor today,” sounds, it says a different thing in the heart of the receiver.

Whether both of you are in the company of friends or just alone, let him know his jokes are appreciated and funny. This validates him, and it’s going to make him feel good.


“I Love The Way You’re Composed.”

Compliments for your man shouldn’t be based on his handsomeness alone. Go deeper and compliment his character.

It’s easy to lose your cool in a stressful situation. If he navigates his way well out of it, come on, the man deserves some accolades.

Tell him, “I noticed the way you handled those strangers today. I’m proud of you.” A wonderful statement, right? Acknowledging such things we term irrelevant is what keeps your relationship going. Most people will handle things poorly, come home, ruin the wonderful atmosphere at home too.

Don’t hold back when he’s done great. This tells him you’re proud to be with a man like him. Compliments for boyfriend should not be reserved for a special day, as often as you can, make every minute special


“How Do You Know What To Say?”

This tells him that his words are relevant, appreciated, and timely. Advice is cheap, but not all are good. When your man gives you a good word, it’s always nice to be appreciative.

Do not forget to let them know that his advice to you was really helpful. You could also tell him, “your motivational words are strength and hope to me.”

A lady once told me, “your words were helpful, thanks.” That made me feel good. It’s nice when you help people.


“I Love The Way You Think.”

How could anyone not say that? Compliments for boyfriend should include this one too. A man loves it when his woman takes note of how brilliant he is.

This means both of you have been connecting on an intellectual ground as well. Words like, “you’re smart, and I couldn’t ask for anyone else,” will make him joyful.


2. His Looks

Love Compliments For Him

Your boyfriend will love sincere and important compliments for his looks. As women love to hear how beautiful they are from their men, so it is with the men as well.

Never underestimate the power of words and their ability to make men smile. I once had a lady say to me, “you are cute.” As always, it felt good to hear such words.

Are you thinking of how to compliment a guy on his looks over text? “Your eyes are sexy.” Simple, yet precise. Thinking of ways to say wonderful words, let’s see a few.

“Be Direct And Simple

Some women feel they should not tell a guy about how handsome he is. Others decide to beat about the bush. They feel such compliments should always come from the man. Well, that’s not entirely correct.

Being direct and simple about what you like about his looks is a great way to start. Don’t be shy. For instance, you could say, “you’ve got beautiful eyes.”

That’s quite simple. It has communicated what you had in mind. Flirty compliments for a boyfriend from his lady steams things up. “Hey, you look very attractive in that suit,” is quite flirty. He’s your boyfriend, so, there’s no issue with that.

Telling him a part of his body turns you on is also a compliment. “I love how broad your chest is, makes me feel safe.” That sentence is setting the pace right for what will happen in the bedroom.

Compliments for him in bed boost his confidence. You should be more vocal about the things he does in bed that drive you crazy. Practice complimenting your man and get better results.

“Focus On What He Prides Himself On.”

Narrowing this to his looks is a remarkable idea. Compliments for boyfriend can come in any way, as long as they are not fake. The best compliment for boyfriend is appreciated more if you seldom discuss the matter.

If your boyfriend hits the gym, you should know it’s of importance to him. Words like, “whoa, your biceps are on point today,” tells him you’ve been noticing his efforts, and you find his efforts attractive alongside the results too.

Probably he takes pride in his work, stopping by his office and telling him, “babe, you look hot when you’re working,” will brighten his day.

A friend once told me that he gets compliments about his eyebrow from people, but his girlfriend has never noticed it.


3. Compliment His Ability To Lead

Compliments For His Look

Men are natural leaders. Men love to take charge. That’s just how men are wired. Acknowledging this trait in him will make him feel like your superhero.

Compliments for boyfriend who has led the relationship in trust and accountability should come in regularly from you.

As simple as saying the following; “I trust you.” Or “I’m on your side on this one.” Those words are telling him you value his leadership.


4. Compliments That Recognises His Efforts

Compliments For Him In Bed

More often than not, when the term compliment comes up, people think of praises alone. Encouragement is also a form of compliments for boyfriend too.

Some days we win and other days we don’t, that’s a part of life. A man wants to appear strong but some days, he’ll be discouraged and that’s a fact.

On days when life gets hard for him, thoughtful words of encouragement will help him get back on his feet. He’ll even want to put in more effort because of your encouraging words.

Words like, “you’re a strong man and I know you can overcome this,” will tell him you’re strongly by his side.

Anyone can stay with you when things are going well, but when things take a different turn, oftentimes, you’re left by yourself.

Here are some other examples…
— I know you can, and you will.
— I love your focus even in the storm.
— You can fix this as well.


5. Compliments That Reveals Your Respect For Him

Unique Compliments For Him

Men put a high tag on respect as much as they do on love. Letting your boyfriend know you respect him is as important as telling a man, “I love you.”

If he feels some sort of disrespect from you, it might likely cause a problem in the relationship.

Respect in this context means that you acknowledge your differences in views or life experiences, but choose to let him be himself as long as it is not detrimental to you and the relationship. Being mindful of how you communicate is vital to consider as well.

Communication is essential, and you must know how to do so with your partner. You know, a way that will not sound offensive.

Compliments for him can be misread if not properly passed on. Clever compliments for guys should be thoughtful and spoken in a mild tone.

Compliments for boyfriend under such category should include words like;
— I’m proud of you.
— I have massive respect for you.
— You are such a good man.


6. Compliment His Bedroom skills

Flirty Compliments For Him

Dear ladies, flattery should not be gender-based. Men love to be complimented in this area as well.

Next time he does something you like in the bedroom, say it out loud! Don’t just let the moment slide by without saying something. Let’s go through a few of those.— “Right there, baby.”

Those words just remind me of the song “right there” by Nicole Scherzinger in which she featured 50 Cent in 2011.

The lyrics were about how well he’s been pleasuring her and she had to say the words, “right there baby” without hesitating. Flirty compliments for him should come even in the bedroom.

“You are so huge!”
This means a lot to man while he is in bed with you. Love compliments for him should come while making love. Don’t you think so?

“I love the way you touch me.”
Simple but so absolute. If there was a written list in your heart about compliments for boyfriend, this should come first.

“I prefer not to leave this bed.”
This certifies how much you value and love him in this area. So, thinking of compliments for boyfriend in bed, we love this one much. More like a pat on the back saying, “well-done babe.”

“I doubt if I can move.”
This comes right after intimacy. This simply means you’re telling him he did an impressive job and your knees are feeble.

“I’ve been longing for this.”
This statement means you’ve had the entire moment in your mind all day or week long. More like, “I’ve been yearning for this.” This is one of those statements men like to hear in bed.

“You are an astounding kisser.”
Telling him this will only give him more confidence. The more confident you make him feel, the better he gets. Expect more kisses by the way.


7. Compliment His House

Compliments For Your Man

Oh yes, you read well. Visiting a man and telling him how nice his apartment looks will tell him you value his style. Rarely do ladies think of it as compliments for boyfriend, but it is. Be sincere while saying it, please. Perfect lines are;

— I love what you’ve done with the place.
— You have a lovely home, Yaks.
— Your kitchen is neat.
— I love the entire design. Did you do it yourself?

There you have it. I just gave a guide on what to compliment in a man. However, I also gave us how to go about it. Lastly, I just want to write a few short and simple sentences you could say to him. Look into his eyes and mean the words that are coming out of your mouth.


Compliments That Focuses On His Physical Attributes

1.  You have beautiful eyes. I could get lost in them and not even know. You smell great today.

2.  You are handsome.

3.  Your lips look nice.

4.  I love the color of your eyes.

5.  You look way hotter in person.

6.  You have a great smile.

7.  You look good.

8.  You have an amazing style.

9.  Your voice sounds sweet.

10.  Your perfume is irresistible.

Compliments For Him

11.  Your arms are big and strong. I feel safe around you.

12.  I like your hair.

13.  Your abs are hot.

14.  Your muscles are amazing

15.  Your broad chest is cool.

16.  You look very athletic.

17.  Your nails are cute.

18.  You’re cuter than Trey Songz.

19.  You look like a bar of chocolate. Wonder if I could take a lick?

20.  Those pairs of trousers look fantastic on you.

21.  I love that shirt, it brings out your shape.

22.  Nice glasses, perfect choice!

23.  Just looking at you makes me smile.

24.  I love to watch you move all day.


Compliments That Focus On His Personality.

1.  You never disappoint me.

2.  You always put a smile on my face.

3.  I love spending every minute with you.

4.  An hour with you feels like a minute.

5.  I can’t help but laugh when I’m around you.

6.  You just have the right words for every occasion.

7.  You’re so kind-hearted.

8.  I couldn’t be any happier around you.

9.  I’m thankful for everything that you do for me.

10.  I have never met a man like you before. You’re truly different.

one word compliments for guys

11.  Now I see why ladies are always around you.

12.  You really have your way with words.

13.  You really know how to make me feel wanted.

14.  When I think of my strength, I see you.

15.  You make me feel heard.

16.  You make me feel like I’m 16 years old again.

17.  I’m so lucky to have a person like you.

18.  I still get butterflies whenever I’m with you.

19.  I love your composure.

20.  You are intelligent.

21.  I love the way you help people.

22.  I love the notes you write me.

23.  I love how thoughtful you are.

24.  Everything about you is sexy.

25.  You make difficult things look easy.


Compliments That He Will Surely Appreciate

1.  I have so much love for you.

2.  I have much respect for you.

3.  Guys like you are hard to find.

4.  Your charm is irresistible.

5.  You’re such a cool person to be with.

6.  I learn a lot when I am with you.

7.  You seem to know a little about many things.

8.  I am so proud to know you.

9.  I trust your abilities on the job.

10.  You’re good at everything you do.

compliments for boyfriend

11.  You make me feel safe when I’m with you.

12.  Thanks for showing me, love.

13.  Thanks for believing in me when no one did.

14.  You’re so successful.

15.  You are goal-oriented.

16.  I love your passion for God.

17.  I admire your level of knowledge.

18.  I admire your accomplishment in life.

19.  The world needs more people like you in it.

20.  I love the way you sing to me.

21.  The way you look at me fascinates me.

22.  You are an incredible guy.

23.  You have been an inspiration to me.

24.  I feel safe pouring my heart to you.

25.  Your potential is great.

compliment men want to hear

26.  You are in a class of your own.

27.  I love your professionalism.

28.  I love your focus.

29.  Your smile lights up my world.

30.  You are my superman.

31.  I have found a lover in you.

32.  You are my only sunshine.

33.  I trust you.

34.  I love your principles.

35.  Your sense of reasoning is to die for.

36.  Thank you for walking into my life.

37.  You are always improving and I love that about you.

38.  You have jokes in your pockets.

39.  You are so full of energy.

40.  I would never be bored with you by my side.

41.  I’m brave when you’re here with me.

42.  I like that you think outside the box.

43.  Wow, you are a problem solver.

44.  I love your level of commitment.

cute compliments for boyfriend

45.  A moment spent with you makes me feel like I’m in heaven.

46.  Thanks for taking out the trash.

47.  You were created just for me alone.

48.  I sure won’t get tired of looking at you.

49.  Your looks turn me on.

50.  You sure do have a very good presence.


Compliments are beyond words used to flatter someone. It is actually an expression of love.

How about one-word compliments for guys? You could start with a list of positive words you think describes him, especially those that relate to his qualities as a man. You know, those you find most attractive.

Embrace this practice and watch your level of intimacy soar higher. For more quality content, visit us here to get tips on how to improve your relationship.

You could also follow us on Instagram here and like our materials. Thanks for reading and I hope it was of help to you.

flirty compliments for boyfriend

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