300 Cute Good Night Love Messages

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good night messages

Tons of good night messages are sent from sunset till midnight every day of the week, the single thought of the beautiful message that got your spouse smiling before sleep is a great way to safely travel through a lonely night.

Sweet good night messages for her get her thinking about you and those dreams have you all around them.

good night messages for her

After a long, stressful day the perfect good night messages for him would allay his mind from the battles of the day and keep him refreshed when he sees such beautiful thoughts from his one true love


Sweet Good Night Messages For Her

good night messages for him

The good night messages for love at a distance is a great way to remind your spouse of how close you are even if you’re miles away Such tender, loving thoughts take your partner far from reality and makes their immediate thought environment all about you From our list, compile your best good night messages and see how they radiate a smile through the face of the love of your life
Go through our sweet good night messages, and let’s make someone happy tonight

1.  I hope your dreams are filled with those of your prince: me

2.  Sending you good night wishes that are heartfelt and full of love

3.  Good night to my beautiful girl that I wish I could hug so tightly tonight

4.  The silence is so quiet without you here by my side, but I wish you a good night and will see you soon

5.  Good night my sweet girl

6.  The love I have for you makes waking up every morning worth it

7.  Goodnight my love and friend You have always been the one for me

8.  Good night to my love and my everything

9.  Good night and thinking of you along with the cosiest of hugs, the snuggliest of cuddles, and the sweetest of kisses

10.  Goodnight and as long as your heart is true, may the sweetest of dreams always be with you

good night messages for love

11.  Good night and sweet dreams to my beautiful goddess who I love so much

12.  I realize every night how much I love you and I wish you a good sleep so tight

13.  Instead of just a plain good night wish,

14.  I want you to dream of me tonight and sleep tight

15.  Nights are longer than the days I spend with you so I hope to visit you in your dreams so we can remain together

16.  Sending you a sweet good night wish to remind you how much I love you, my dearest angel

17.  Lay your head on your pillow tonight and think of me as you drift off and how much you mean to me

18.  May you always be reminded in your dreams tonight how much I love you and what the future could bring

19.  Do not sleep restlessly tonight though I am not there

20.  I’m here right now just wishing you the sweetest of good nights

21.  Squeeze your pillow, close your eyes, and sleep tight, my beautiful girlfriend

22.  Good night to the woman who when I think of, I realize all of my dreams are coming true

23.  Wishing you a sweet night with peaceful sleep and tender dreams

24.  Tonight I fall asleep with you present in my heart

25.  Good Night my love!

26.  Rest easy my sweet dear and after you rest, wishing you the greatest morning

27.  Your eyes sparkle just like the stars and when you close them, it is like a cloudy night but I know that you will dream of me and awake refreshed

28. The other day, I googled about the best good night wishes and messages for my girlfriend Google said this is something that only your heart will tell

29.  Good Night, sweetie Have sweet dreams of us together!

30.  The last person that I remember while going to sleep is the one that is reading this text I miss you a lot, my girl Good Night Have sweet and sour dreams

31.  Just like the sun and moon are destined to rise in their particular time I am destined to be with you forever I miss you a lot Have a nice sleep with beautiful dreams Good night

32.  If we would have been together right now I would spend all the night cuddling with you and then we would sleep after seeing the sunrise together

33.  Good Night my love

34.  I just want to be your pillow for this night and every night to come Have sweet dreams

35.  I don’t want moonlight I have a better moon, and that is you Good night my love Have sweet dreams

36.  Do you know why I always sleep earlier? Because in my dreams I always meet you there and spend some quality time with you I just can’t wait to be with you, whether it is in dreams or reality Good night, love See you there

37.  Never back away from your nightmares Face them with all the strength you have This is the only way to overcome them Have a good night

38.  You are my everything Good night, my love!

39.  I’m almost falling asleep; I would like to dream about our life together Good night

40.  You are in love when you can’t fall asleep; having you is like a dream Can’t wait to wake up and see you tomorrow! Good night

41.  Love is patient; I can’t wait to see Good night dear

42.  Just about to jump into my bed, I wish you were here so I could kiss and hug you good night Good Night beautiful!

43.  As I look through the window, the stars look so stunning I wish you were here so that we could stargaze together Good Night

44.  You are so special to me Good Night

45.  I cannot sleep without wishing you a Good Night

46.  After spending a wonderful day with you The best thing is that I will dream about you tonight Good night

47.  You looked lovely tonight Sweet dreams beautiful

48.  I believe you look very beautiful when you are sleeping I wish I could be with you right now Good Night

49.  I can’t stop thinking about you; wish you were here with me, Good Night

50.  Tonight’s weather is so amazing; I wish you were here, so that could share with you Good Night

51.  Dream sweet dreams Good night


Sweet Good Night Messages For Him

latest good night messages

Your man would definitely be lucky to have you in his life when your thoughts are directed to him all day The perfect good night messages for him are best to calm his spirits and liven his mood if he had a stressful day

Our collection of good night messages for him are all at your disposal for the pleasure of variety, lets get your man smiling tonight:

1.  While the moon is shining in the sky, you are the brightest star of my night Good Night

2.  I know I will have sweet dreams tonight, my only nightmares are when U are away from me Have a lovely night

3.  Goodnight my love, for you may be away from me now, but you will be in my heart forever

4.  At night, I think about you and you don’t know how much I miss u I love U Good Night

5.  The brightened moon, the shining stars and the soothing sky are wishing for your sweet dreams GN!!

6.  I wish that air should sing a sweet song when you sleep, the stars and moon pray for your beautiful dream and flower should bloom outside of your window when you sleep Good Night

7.  Wishing you Good Night is also a message for you to come to know that how much I love you GN!!

8.  Sleep tight and good night as I wish you the best of dreams with all of my might

9.  I can feel you whisper in my ear as I drift off and I hope you can feel my love as you sleep tonight Good Night

10.  Sleep well and I hope that I’ll be the first thing on your mind when you wake up Good Night

100 good night messages

11.  When the night breeze blows my hair, I imagine they’re your kisses, I am missing you this much Gd Nt!!

12.  God sprinkles tiny but wonderful seeds of blessings on earth each day…and I just caught one that’s so nice and true …it’s U! Love you and good night

13.  I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes! So I’ll think about you as I turn in for the night Good Night!

14.  Millions of people are sleeping, millions are eating, millions of are working but the only one and very special to me is reading my message Good Night

15.  Just a line… to keep in touch… because you are on my mind so very much… and even though, I’ve nothing to say… you’ll know… I thought of you today… Good night!

16.  Wouldn’t you want such text to make him smile? Express your love and care towards him with the long goodnight texts These goodnight love quotes for him are sure to touch his heart Saying goodnight to him is a sweet gesture and these wishes will be the cherry on the cake A lovely wish will bring in a lovely relationship

17.  I wish we didn’t have to sleep apart, so I’ll be seeing you in my dreams, my love…Sweet Dreams

18.  Every day you give me more reasons to fall in love with you – I’m thinking of ways to make you fall more and more in love with me as I fall asleep, dreaming of you…Gd Nt

19.  I don’t know what I’d do without you You mean everything to me Good Night

20.  I tried counting the reasons I love you – but there were too many and now I’m falling asleep thinking of you Good Night

21.  I love you more than anyone or anything in the entire world and I wish you sweet dreams

22.  U are the reason I fall asleep with a smile on my face As you drift off tonight, may you smile thinking of me too?Gd Nt

23.  Sweet dreams for a pleasant night and I wish you were here holding me tight

24.  Goodnight to my knight of light, the one who keeps my nightmares far away

25.  One day I wish my dream would come true, And I’d wake up next to you Till then Good Night!

26.  Every night I love coming back home Because home is being in your arms Good night my love!

27.  Looking at the moon, I’m thinking of U and want you to have in my arms GN my love

28.  Flowers are red, violet, and blue, I’m going to bed so that I can think of U Good Night Handsome

29.  Tonight when you fall asleep and will go to dreamland, I wish I’ll be there to hold your hand GN!!

30.  I’m much tired today so I want to sleep as soon as possible so that you can come in my dreams and all my tiredness may remove Good Night

31.  When I sleep, it is a call to you, and when I dream it is a wait for U Good Night

32.  If you feel a little bored, little ill, little misplaced, little gloomy, you know what’s wrong? Your anguish from lack of Vitamin Me! Good Night!

33.  This beautiful night, I pray to the blue moon to look after you through the night, the wind to carry away your stress, and the twinkle stars to guide you the way, charming Dreams Good Night!

34.  You are the cause of why I have restless nights You are the cause of why I tend to hold my pillow firm And you are the reason I can’t slumber without saying Good Night!

35.  When an angel came to me, He asked: What is your desire for tonight? I said, please watch out for the person who’s reading this message Goodnight my gentleman!

36.  Romantic Goodnight Messages for Him : Take an unlimited breath, stand near the window, staring at the sky, there will be two stars twinkling dazzlingly, you know what they are? They are my eyes always taking care of you…Good Night!

37.  Being your friend is my award, Missing you is my misfortune, troubling you wish SMS is my way of thanking you, But maintaining our friendship is my aim! Good Night!

38.  Let the mainly attractive dream come to you tonight, Let the charming person come in your dream tonight…But don’t make it a routine because I’m not free every night Good Night

39.  When hours of daylight turns to a darkened hue, The charming stars hint at you Your heartbeat tells you something factual, that someone is missing you Good Night!

40.  A supplementary day ends and we look onward to a new day with great expectation but a true friendship never ends, whatever the road of time Good Night my dear companion…

41.  I adore it when you put your arms around me It makes me sense like, it is just you and me on this planet

42.  You are the supreme gift, God has ever given me I often spectacle, are you even authentic or just some kind of daydream

43.  In the journey of life, people frequently meet someone exceptional and their world turns lovable and full of joy I can sense an alter since I have met you Thanks

44.  Romantic Goodnight Messages for Him : I have been having an opinion about you for the past few days I think it is love What do you sense?

45.  Dr Love has knocked in hopeless at my door so a lot of times In this instance, however, I have a preference to be treated I have let Dr Love in because I am so glad to be in love with you

46.  Love is medicine And you are my treatment Only you can make me sense in control again because only you have the keys to my heart

47.  My heart speedily felt like it has developed wings It took me a while to realize that it was just me diminishing in love with you

48.  Gladness is in an astonishing mood If love is not able to fetch it, it is not loved Thank you for making me know this I am glad only because of you

49.  I could get you apprehended for pinching my heart! But I have in its place dogged to get even by thieving yours too?

50.  I feel so tired to stand up; I will have to wish you a good night before I fall asleep Good Night beautiful, wish I could hug you


Good Night Messages For Your Lover

good night messages for my love

Pleasant dreams start with great thoughts. You can inspire those thoughts by sending the right messages and that buzz creates a loving thought process.

Send these thoughts tonight and take all the credit, you’ve earned it for the effort you put it.

1.  I love you to the core because there is no lady as special as you are in my life; since the day I met you my heart has been filled with endless joy

2.  You mean the world to me, my life and the happiness that I have experienced I love you like never before Now and forever you will always be on my mind

3.  I am greeting you this very moment of the night hour to let you understand that I love you with every single vain in my body I admire you with my blood

4.  It is a sacred night and I am not afraid to let you know how much you mean to me I believe in one thing and it is the fact that I love you Goodnight babe

5.  You belong to me in every single point of this life; I love, cherish and honour you as though I have never seen you before Goodnight

6.  You are my sweetheart, the most beautiful angel that I have ever come across on this earth, a pearl of comfort and distinguished happiness

7.  You are an ocean of bliss and passion so I am always happy to swim with you to the end of the river of love goodnight

8.  Thanks for loving me the way I am, thank you for the whole moment I shared with you for none left me without joy and pleasure I love you and will like to say goodnight

9.  I believe that right now you are awake thinking about the moments we shared together Truly, there are corny girls but never in any way alike with you

10.  You are my flowering pleasure, my fragrance of passion that finds its source from the blossom of joy and the deepest part of the honey tree Goodnight

sweet good night messages

11.  I am the happiest person because I have you before me I am so lucky to have met a princess like you in life; I love you, my angel

12.  My dear boyfriend, for so long I have been searching for someone who can meet up with my expectation until I met you I love you and I just want to goodnight

13.  The night sky is filled with lots of diamond-like stars with smiling angels singing for you I am pleased to send you lots of kisses tonight

14.  You belong to me and no other girl can take you away from me because I have prayed so strongly that you should always be in love with me Goodnight

15.  Loving a sweet man like you is the sweetest experience that I have ever come across in life; I wish you a blissful night

16.  Goodnight to the prince of my heart There is nothing as special as you among the male flowers I have come across in life

17.  For the most handsome guy that I have ever met in life; love you to the core from the beginning to the end of my life

18.  You don’t know how much I cherish you as though this life will never end again I believe in what you told me when I was wrapped in your arms Goodnight

19.  You are such a wonderful star, a pearl of passion, petals of desire and a jewel of compassion I love you, my guy, as though a fine boy no pimples

20.  You are my dream, my passion, and the blissful heart that puts a smile on my face Whenever I set my eyes on you, I smile from the bottomless part of my heart

21.  You are my superhero, my guardian angel, and the role model I met in life; thank God I met you on this earth because a gem like you is very hard

22.  My sweet brother, I miss you so much and will always like to hear from you in every second of my life I hope you are having a good time over there? Goodnight

23.  May the light that emanates from the peak of this night descend on your home to bless it with comfort and sweet night dream!

24.  It is my pleasure to extend this heartfelt message to you to show how much I care about you I love you so much, brother Please to forget to fulfil your promise, sir

25.  I won’t stop disturbing you every night until you buy the promised watch for me I will always remind you how much you mean to me until you achieve my short-term dream Goodnight

26.  Hello, cheese! I just want to make a shout out to you this night wishing you a silent night filled with a blissful breeze from the blossom of passion and compassionate existence Goodnight

27.  I love you, dear brother, believe me because I am ready to sacrifice everything for you just to prove the true love and well wishes I have for you Goodnight

28.  You belong to me and you can do anything about it because God has given you to me Darling brother, I want you to put a smile on your face Goodnight

29.  I have really missed you since the day you left home living me bored as though a cat fell into very cold water I will always love you no matter the distance Goodnight

30.  When are you coming back home so that we can start our cute soccer games once again? I have really missed your skills—please come back soon Goodnight

31.  I wish you a wonderful night of peace and harmony, richness in health and wealth, comfort at work and at home Goodnight

32.  I love the way you smile whenever you want to talk to me but right now I am not happy because we are too far away from each other I wish you journey mercy—goodnight

33.  Giving thanks to the almighty God that spares our life up till this moment, I appreciate your efforts in bringing me up to this stage I am now Goodnight brother

34.  You are such an amazing brother, a jewel of joy and an everlasting bond that brings happiness to the heart Goodnight brother, hope you have eaten?

35.  May you be protected with the utmost protection of God, may your home be visited with lots of peace, comfort, and rest of mind Goodnight

36.  I am sending you a warm hug this night and a special peck to show you how much you mean to mean as my little brother Goodnight

37.  I can remember how much you care for me when I was growing up What I miss most is how you used to back me Goodnight

38.  You are my beloved brother and I am so much close to you that I can’t withstand even a microsecond without you by my side I love you brother, have a sweet dream

39.  I love the way everything has been going on between us—no fight no quarrel and you are the most patient one of us Thank God for giving me a brother like you, I just want to say goodnight

40.  I am sorry for not being able to make it to your place today but notwithstanding, I will try and check on you tomorrow morning—hope you have eaten? Goodnight

41.  I am so worried right now as a mom just called me that you are not at home at this hour of the night I hope all is fine my darling brother?

42.  I could not sleep because you promised to peck my cheeks but failed to do so—tomorrow if you promise me again, I will not even mind you Goodnight

43.  Whenever I look into the ceiling, I see you, whenever I look into the mirror, only you I see but whenever I am eating my food, I hate to see you If I see you will I be satisfied? Goodnight

44.  Some people said that I am a glutton but I replied to them that if you are not a glutton, will soon die of malnutrition—am I harsh at all? Goodnight

45.  You won’t know how funny you are until you do makeup and stand before the mirror to see a masquerade yelling at you Goodnight

46.  This night is dark as though a black paint, to have more fun out of it please take your night shower with black paint If I don’t care who will?

47.  All my life I have experienced happiness and none of them can be compared to the amount of joy, your love brought to my world. Good night.”

48.  Every night I sleep with the thought that you are going to be mine forever and the feelings is what made my night so special. Good night my queen.”

49.  In the whole world, only you can compare to the sun, moon, and stars. You mean everything to me, and that’s why you are my worst ‘goodbye’. Goodnight. Keep confusing me with your charms.

50.  Knowing that you are mine gives me joy but knowing you will be mine forever is what gives me everlasting joy. I love you, Good night.

51.  Counting all the blessings in my life since you stepped in is a clear attestation that all my dreams are coming true. I will let you know how much you mean to me.


Funny Good Night Messages.

sweet good night messages for him

Ready to create the right piece of humor? You create a smile, vibe and lots of love when your message can pass the loving and funny glow altogether. Not so good at comic relief? Check out our vault, lets find that perfect text.

1.  Welcome to Sweet Dreams airlines We’ll be shortly arriving at Dreamland Fasten blankets, puff the pillow, close your eyes and get ready to doze off! Good Night!

2.  Sleep like today is a world sleep day but make sure you don’t slip out of the world in the process Have a sound sleep!

3.  Good night! Ah, good the night that wraps thee in its silver light

4.  Good night! No night is good to me that does not bring a thought of thee

5.  Rest in harmony this evening, God is greater than anything you will confront tomorrow Goodbye!

6.  Individuals rest quietly in their beds around evening time simply because unpleasant men stand prepared to do brutality for their sake Goodbye!

7.  The bloodsuckers are gone and the boogeyman has left All that is left is simply you and me How about we close our peepers and find a workable pace!

8.  The time between a good night to good morning, all poetries are mentioned by her with his love and their good memories

9.  Nighttime can seem longer than the day when you dream big dreams Daytime lasts longer for people who make their dreams come true

10.  Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it is morrow

sweet good night messages for her

11.  My idea of a good night has always been having a lovely meal and a proper conversation

12.  Do not go gentle into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light

13.  Welcome to Radio FM, This is DJ bed sheet by my side is DJ Pillow holding it down for the night, I’ll play you a song titled Sleep tight a Dozen My Angel From the Album Good night and Sweet Dreams, Artist: Your loving Boyfriend

14.  The good people sleep much better at night than the terrible people Obviously, the terrible people appreciate the waking hours significantly more Good night!

15.  My desire for you tonight is to sleep well without any worries, free from all troubles and undisturbed by the weight of this world, goodnight and have a pleasant night’s rest baby

16.  The sun is red, the sky is blue, I cannot stay happy, without disturbing you Goodnight my love

17.  Hello you, don’t hit the ‘Next episode’ button on Netflix any longer and give your eyes some rest! Expectation you nod off and drift to dreamland soon!

18.  Thinking about me all day must be pretty tiring for you, so why don’t we meet in the dreamland, honey? Good night to you!

19.  As the moon rule throughout the night, so does your thoughts reign in my heart and your recollections wait in my spirit, I’m happy to consider you mine Goodnight dearest!

20.  The day has passed, it is already the night, the angels shall come and will visit you, bringing the sweetest dreams

21.  I close my eyes, then I drift away, into the magic night I softly say A silent prayer, like dreamers, do, then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you

22.  Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together

23.  I hope you fall asleep softly and sleep soundly Tomorrow, you will surely wake up full of energy and positivity to face a new day

24.  It has been so tiring for me to run through your mind all day And it must be tiring for you to chase me in your mind all day So, why not meet in our dreams? Good night!

25.  Good night to you, honey I know falling asleep on the bed isn’t as comfy as falling asleep in my arms But bear it for the night, okay? Good night

26.  Ouch! Stop! I can hear your mind explode because of all the stress you take Switch off your thoughts, let your eyes rest, and get some sleep Good night!

27.  Hello, this is a sleep text from a sleepy friend to another sleepy friend at some sleepy place, in the mood to say a cozy, sleepy goodnight

28.  Sleep tight, friend Don’t let your toes peek out from under the covers The Boogeyman isn’t real but robbers are Sleep well Good night and sweet dreams

29.  Did you know those good people are prone to sleep better than bad people? Of course, the bad people stay up and read messages like these Good night!

30.  Do you know why we close our eyes when we sleep? Because the most beautiful people and things in life can be seen only in dreams Have sweet dreams about me Good night

31.  Welcome to Dream Airlines where we take you to your favorite dreams Fasten your blankets and puff your pillow Think about me and doze off smoothly Good night

32.  This is an original good night wish I repeat, an original good night wishes Stay away from pirated cheap copies as I’m the only manufacturer of these wishes Good night

33.  Hey you Are you awake? Yes? Okay, good Because I wanted to take a moment of yours to wish you a warm, snuggly good night

34.  Ouch! I fell from my dreams trying to catch you to tell you that I miss you and I want you to have sweet dreams too Good night and sleep well!

35.  How about a date to make this boring night interesting? I’m thinking of wearing pajamas, lying down in the bed, getting wrapped in blankets, and meeting you in your dreams!

36.  Hey handsome, even though I am the more good-looking one in the relationship, you need to care for yourself too Go to bed and get your beauty sleep

37.  This may sound corny but if you don’t sleep now, I might have to visit you in your dreams to scold you No hugs for you! So, be a good girl and sleep!

38.  Hi baby Just wanted to wish you a cozy good night and to let you know that you don’t need to cuddle with the pillow I will visit you in your dreams Good night

39.  Dear best friend, I am your fairy night wisher and I want to inform you that you have been a bad girl for not sleeping on time Please get your sleep!

40.  Before you even think of hitting the ‘next episode’ button on Netflix, let me remind you that your beauty sleep is more important Give your eyes rest Good night

41.  Dear friend, there’s no way that I am going to listen to your rant about lack of sleep tomorrow Kindly spare us both and go to sleep Good night

42.  Good night, bestie Sleep well tonight with no drama God is bigger than anything that you are dreading tomorrow Good night

43.  I am not wishing you a good night as a formality or because it’s free I’m wishing you to let you know even my last minute should be to disturb you Good night

44.  Sun is so red and the sky is so blue I always think about you But, now the sun isn’t red, and the sky isn’t blue So, I shouldn’t disturb you Good night

45.  I wish God could come up with an SMS factory to help me reach you in seconds without any costs You can see me, read me, and smile! That’s priceless Good night

46.  Snuggle in tight, my panda Dream of my arms wrapped around you and the sweet nothings I want to whisper in your ears That’s wholesome Good night

47.  I hope you know that my night is going well now that I’m disturbing you again How’s yours going? Good night and sleep tight

48.  How about a date to make this boring night interesting? I’m thinking of wearing pyjamas, lying down in the bed, getting wrapped in blankets, and meeting you in your dreams!

49.  Hey handsome, even though I am the more good-looking one in the relationship, you need to care for yourself too. Go to bed and get your beauty sleep

50.  Good Night, see you in dreamland


Romantic Good Night Messages.

Go through our unique set of romantic messages, get creative, and have a blast. A well-composed text can lift the mood of the reader making them glow with goosebumps and smile.

Try out our collection on this topic, it might be just what you need to spark up good sleep.

1.  I’m not terrified of killing my lights as long as you hold returning my fantasies each night Goodnight dear!

2.  Good night my adoration! I wish to be with you even in my fantasies Since you make them bright for me!

3.  I consider you consistently and consistently in light of the fact that you are the one for me I love you to such an extent! Goodbye!

4.  A lovely night like this ought to be gone through with a wonderful individual I’m upbeat since I have you Good night my adoration!

5.  Missing you beyond what I can communicate, considering you more than you know Rest soundly!

6.  At the point when I wish you Good night, it implies I am considering you directly before I rest and I truly need you to be in my fantasies today around evening time!

7.  All I wish from life is to have the option to wake up close to you one day Till that point, my affection will go with you Great night and sweet dreams my affection!

8.  You are the keep-going idea at the forefront of my thoughts consistently, I trust I am on yours too when you float off to your fantasies Great night nectar!

9.  I am constantly ameliorated by the glow of your adoration; I trust my love arrives at your heart as well Have a decent night, dear!

10.  My meaning of ‘Affection’ starts and finishes with you and my days start and end with you Great night and sweet dreams my adoration

11.  My heart misses you a lot at the present moment, so please rest early and meet me in my fantasies! Sweet dreams I love you!

12.  In the event that you need a warm embrace before you rest today around evening time, my adoration will slither up to your heart and warm your spirit Rest soundly, dear!

13.  I’ll make a point to take a few kisses from you in your fantasies today! Rest tight!

14.  Indeed, even the stars of the sky realize the amount I long for you Have a goodbye!

15.  May your fantasies turn prettier than blossoms and better than nectar! Goodbye!

16.  Leave my affection alone the one to make you feel great inside this evening Rest soundly, infant

17.  A day without your love is a day without breath, don’t stop loving me, good night my sweetheart

18.  Your eyes sparkle just like the stars and when you close them, it is like a cloudy night but I know that you will dream of me and awake refreshed

19.  I came to know I was in love when I stopped thinking about how pretty you look and started seeing the beauty within you Love Romantic

20.  There are so many ways to tell you that I love you so much but what I love most is sending you kisses via text, good night our beauty attracted me, but I admire you for the person you are and the joy you’ve brought to my life Good night sweetheart

21.  As the moonlight dims and the world goes quiet, give yourself some rest Here’s to hoping that your sleep is as sweet as you are Good night my love!

22.  welcome sleep because I know that I can be with you if only in my dreams

23.  As I lay here in my bed tonight counting my blessings, baby, you’re at the very top of my list!

24.  You are my sunshine, but for now, let the light of the moon lull you to sleep so that you can be in my warm embrace

25.  You are the world to me, sweetheart Good night, beautiful lady Sweet dreams

26.  My love for you has no end, no boundary It’s a blessing to have you Good night, my idea

27.  We may be far away from each other, but our souls are always connected with love, darling Have a good night

28.  If I could list all the things I am grateful for today, you will be at the very top Have a good night, my precious!

29.  I’m so in love with you that I don’t know anymore when my nights end and when my days begin Good night sweet dreams, my love!

30.  Good night my love! I wish to be with you even in my dreams Because you make them colorful for me!

31.  You’re the only thing I think about before I fall asleep and when I wake up Sweet dreams, honey

32.  Before you go to sleep, know that there’s someone who loves you like crazy Good night, sweetheart

33.  A beautiful night like this should be spent with a beautiful person I’m happy because I have you Good night my love!

34.  When I wish you good night it means I am thinking of you right before I go to sleep and I really want you to be in my dreams tonight!

35.  Good night dear I wish you knew that I am praying that you may wake up tomorrow with no sorrow

36.  Wishing for the brightest stars to guide your dreams today Have a good night, love!

37.  If you need a tight hug before you sleep tonight, my love will crawl up to your heart and warm your soul Sleep well, darling!

38.  When you sleep, you look so beautiful that I can’t stop staring at you The silence of the night reminds me of how deeply I’m in love with you

39.  I’ll make sure to steal some kisses from you in your dreams tonight! Sleep tight!

40.  My definition of ‘Love’ begins and ends with you and my days start and end with you Good night and sweet dreams my love

41.  As I could not be there with you tonight, I asked the moon to watch over you So go to sleep without worries! Good night my love!

42.  I wish I were the pillow underneath your head or the blanket that warms your bed I wish I were everything that you need at night!

43.  Missing you more than I can express, thinking of you more than you know Sleep well!

44.  To the sweetest girl in the world who is lying in bed and reading this message: I hope that this good night message for her will make her smile Good night my love!

45.  I’m so thankful to you that you choose me and love me unconditionally Good night, love

46.  I think of you every day and every night because you are the one for me I love you so much! Good Night!

47.  I’m not afraid of turning my lights off as long as you keep coming back in my dreams every night Goodnight dear!

48.  My heart misses you too much right now, so please go to sleep early and meet me in my dreams! Sweet dreams I love you!

49.  Let my love be the one to warm your heart tonight Sleep well, baby

50.  No matter how dark the night is, the moon of my life will always be shining with the light of a million stars Good night my love!


Good Night Love Messages For Long-Distance Couples.

Distance can be crazy, but it does not have to be altogether boring. The best love messages welcome and keep you in her dreams.

This is our collection of beautiful good night messages for your long-distance partner, even when you are far away, you can be so near with the right messages to keep her close.

1.  Today has been such a crazy, hectic day and the only highlight of my day is talking to you I wish you were here to make it easier just by kissing me

2.  I couldn’t fall asleep unless I told you how much I miss you – love you and goodnight!

3.  I’d walk a million miles just to fall asleep in your arms tonight!

4.  All I want right now is for you to come here and hold me in your arms as I fall asleep happy and content Sweet dreams

5.  One day, hopefully soon, I’ll fall asleep beside you and wake up next to you

6.  Goodnight and sweet dreams, I hope I’m in them You’re already in mine!

7.  No matter how far away you are, you’ll always be on my mind Sweet dreams!

8.  I don’t feel the need to dream anymore because you’re all my dreams come true Sleep tight!

9.  My teddy bear doesn’t hug me as nicely as you do I miss your tight hugs and your warm kisses Wish you were here!

10.  No matter how many years pass, how much distance exists between us, wherever we are in the world – even if the universe itself tries to keep us separated – I will always find my way to you

11.  I can’t even put into words how much you mean to me, and each day I hope that I will open the door to your face.

12.  I don’t cry because we’ve been separated by distance, and for a matter of years Why? Because for as long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we’re still together

13.  As long as you’re in my heart and I am in yours, there is no distance great enough that our love can’t travel

14.  You’re so easy to be with and so hard to be without Always miss you Hope these days come to an end Hope and pray to be together Love you

15.  I know beautiful days are waiting for us ahead, so this wait is all worth it to me Soon we will be together Eagerly waiting for you to come, my love

16.  Hearing your voice is far better than you touching me Because even though I yearn for your skin to touch mine, it is your voice that touches my soul

17.  No matter how far you manage to go, distance will never be able to erase those beautiful memories which I keep in my heart There is so much better that we shared together Love you!

18.  Falling in love with you was the easiest thing on earth and being apart from you is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life

19.  Every day before sleeping I think of ways to make you smile the next day Your smile makes my days and nights perfect I’ve got you and only you in my heart

20.  Every day you give me more reasons to fall in love with you

21.  It’s cold here, I wish we could be together to warm up…

22.  I miss you, baby What are you going to do about it?

23.  Hold your phone tightly because this text message is a hug in disguise Good night

24.  Hey I know it’s late, but I can’t stop thinking of you I hope that you have an amazing

25.  Night with dreams filled with me Good night

26.  I bet you are beautiful when you are sleeping

27.  Are you going to think about me before you fall asleep tonight? I hope so…

28.  This text message is an official invitation for you to join me in my dreams

29.  My bed is so comfy tonight I wish you were here so I could hold you Now that would be even comfier

30.  All snuggled up in bed with my cat There’s still plenty of room for you though Just saying!

31.  I can’t promise to dream of you every night, as it’s really difficult to sleep with you always on my mind

32.  As you go to sleep tonight, forget counting sheep Count the ways I love you

33.  I wish I could fall asleep in your arms

34.  I am so happy to be with you I wish I didn’t have to sleep so we could keep talking

35.  I’d give anything to be able to fall asleep next to you right now

36.  Each night I miss you more and more

37.  Sleep well tonight because tomorrow will be another love-filled day for us Good night!

38.  Good night, sleep tight I will be dreaming of you with all my might

39.  I wish that all of our dreams about you and me come true Good night, sweetheart

40.  I love you like roses love rain, like walking together down memory lane Sleep tight, my love

41.  You’ll be the last thing I think of before I fall asleep and the first thing I think of when I wake up

42.  I know what you are the one because when we are apart I feel incomplete I never want to be without you Goodnight

43.  I send you this message loaded with love and tenderness to wish you the sweetest night ever! Sleep well, dear

44.  Hurry to sleep, and you’ll find me… because I will dream of your kisses and soft caresses

45.  I couldn’t sleep before saying good night darling, have sweet dreams

46.  I feel happy because I have someone to think of every night before I go to sleep. Not many people are as lucky as I’m. Good night!

47.  My girl, I am sending you lots of hugs, A blow of kisses, And, cuddles and more, Just to show that I love you so much, Just to show that I am missing your touch I love you, Wish you a lovely night!

48.  You and I are two souls made for each other and destined for the heaven of love. Together we will make the greatest love story ever. Good night!

49.  May your pillow be soft, your blankets are warm, and your mind is filled with thoughts of how much I love you. Good night my Love.

50.  Enjoy sweet memories of our day as peaceful slumber overtakes you and fills you with a well-earned rest.

51.  Tomorrow is a clean slate, a new beginning, a fresh start. Sleep well, my love.

52.  The moon is elated to the brim simply because it is going to watch you sleep all night long. I can’t help being envious. Thank you for everything and goodnight.

53.  So many people have come into my life, some with the right intention and others with bad intentions. But no one has ever given me such joy. I’m happy to have you. Good night.

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