50 Self-Care Ideas For A Bad Day

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self care ideas

Sometimes having a bad day is inevitable, and if so, we must learn about self-care ideas. Of course, it is not like anyone would wake up from bed in the morning and say I hope I have a bad day today at work.

I certainly do not think that anyone would have such a mindset. But that doesn’t cancel the fact that we must be ready if the unthinkable eventually happens.

For instance, every good driver knows better than to embark on a long journey without ensuring he has a good spare tyre.

Again, it is not like he plans on having a flat tyre while driving, but it is always good to be prepared because we do not know what lies ahead. So, think of these self-care ideas I will share with you as your spare tyre if your day doesn’t go as planned and you return home upset.

Self Care


Do not get me wrong. I am not a pessimist, but some days life happens. And what if life happens, and then instead of using any of the self-care ideas I will share, you resort to doing something harmful to yourself? Because we are positive-minded people doesn’t mean that sometimes things can’t get out of control.

By the way, many things are beyond our control, but our self-care routine isn’t. Self-care is simply the practice of actively protecting one’s well-being and happiness, particularly during periods of stress. And stress can come in different forms and multiple times a day.

So let’s proceed as I share some self-care ideas with you because you might need them soon. And trust me; I will give you many examples of self-care routines you can easily carry out.


1.  Take A Nap

self-care ideas

One of the best self-care day ideas anyone can have up their sleeves is this one. Unfortunately, we have this notion that naps are for babies alone.

Oops, sorry to burst your bubble, but even adults need to take a nap, especially if you don’t want to break down. We must never underestimate the power of sleeping lightly or briefly, especially during the day.

Trust me. As an adult, there are countless benefits why you should incorporate napping into your self-care activities.


2.  Practice Mindfulness

So often, many of us spend time living in the past or worrying about our future instead of living in the present. Yet, nothing takes away a person’s peace like any of the things mentioned above. So pay more attention to the present moment, your surroundings, your current thoughts and your feelings.


3.  Listen To Music

One of the best things to do for yourself, especially when you are stressed or after a long day, is to put on some good music.

You know, one that will help you to relax. Music is an excellent way to get your mind off the stresses of that day and enjoy yourself and boost your mood. I really can’t tell you how many times this has saved me.


4.  Have A Facial

This is part of the self-care practices I use often, and I can’t tell you how often this has made me feel relaxed. And not only does it help me feel calm, but it also makes my skin glow.

So you could use any beauty treatment that cleans and improves the skin on your face with creams and gentle rubbing. And I tell you, it’s going to feel like you are in heaven.


5.  Read A Book

self care routine

Books are excellent, and I love good books, especially ones that are motivational and take me away from reality for a while. So if you feel a little down or stressed, reading a positive, motivational book can energise you whilst you put your feet up.


6.  Watch Your Favourite Show Or Movie

Let’s face reality: we all need a break, so why not give yourself one? And you could do so sometimes by watching your favourite show on television as you relax. Life is too short for pity parties, and you should know that.


7.  Do Your Makeup

A self-care Saturday should be when you test out a fresh look or product you may have wanted to try. Sometimes you mustn’t have somewhere to go before you make yourself feel pretty on the outside. Moreover, feeling good on the outside can really boost your confidence.


8.  Make A Healthy Meal

Oh yes, this is also part of the self-care routines we must have. So what’s life without a good and healthy meal? The health of our bodies isn’t negotiable, so we must do all within our power to take good care of our bodies. And that includes eating healthy meals often.


9.  Light A Candle Or Some Incense

Whatever name you choose to call them, they can be used to trigger specific responses. For instance, some benefits of burning incense are encouraging relaxation and aiding sleep.

So, paint this picture in your mind. Light some incense and curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea, a book and some chilled-out music. Alternatively, run a bath and replace candles with an incense stick. Won’t you love to do that?


10.  Paint Your Nails Or Go To A Salon

self care day

So where are my ladies? Paint your nails in your favourite colour or treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure at the nail salon. A bit of pampering is something everyone deserves from time to time. And I am sure you deserve just that about this time.


11.  Go For A Walk

This is another self-care day idea you can use, and evening walks are fabulous. It helps me greatly when I want to clear my mind and regain self-confidence.

The good news is that there are no rules to this. So leave the house to get some fresh air; even if it’s just a short 20-minute stroll in your neighbourhood, it will help you.


12.  Create A Morning Routine

A good morning routine is essential. And everyone should have one that works for them. So, if you are wondering what it means, it is simply a set of habits or motions you go through when you wake up. One great benefit is that it helps to set your day up the right way and can drastically affect your focus and productivity.


13.  Treat Yourself To Something Yummy

Some days can be so hard that it literally saps your very life out. And in such times, taking a bite of something yummy would be of great help to help you calm down. So enjoy every taste of whatever you decide to treat yourself to.


14.  Meet Up With Friends

You know, sometimes, meeting up with friends to discuss the day’s challenges can help you relax at the end of the day’s work. The sheer joy, the laughter, and friendly faces are something we all need sometimes. These and many more are also some self-care activities for adults.


15.  Buy Yourself Something Nice

So when was the last time you got something nice for yourself? I know you have been doing this for everyone around you, which is fantastic. But what about you? It could be a new cloth, a book, or something you’ve had your eye on for a while.

So go ahead and get them for yourself. Hey, I know material things aren’t the key to happiness, but giving yourself a treat is a way to show a little love and appreciation to yourself. So don’t deprive yourself of this.


16.  Go To Bed

I need not write much about this since we all know how vital a good sound night’s rest is for the well-being of any human who wants to be their best self and be productive.


17.  Drink Water

Again, I needn’t stress how vital this is to your well-being. But, of course, there are many benefits to drinking lots of water daily. It may sound funny or trivial but drink lots of water to help your body.


18.  Journal

Writing in a journal is a healthy way to do a brain dump and address your worries in a more structured way. And I can’t tell you how often this has helped me. For example, I use my journal to document my pains and to relieve anxiety.


19.  Plan Your Week

How is this part of the self-care list? Trust me – it has maximum benefits for your mental health. One of the first things to consider is that it can save you from unnecessary stress.

And this article is all about how to help you. Also, it lets you get organised and plan your tasks for your upcoming week. You’d agree that having things planned helps narrow down essential tasks and allows you to schedule in time for some self-care.


20.  Do Nothing

self care day ideas

I know this may sound strange to some of my readers now, but give me a few minutes, and it will make more sense to you. If you have no energy to do anything, that’s the answer – do nothing.

The truth is you can’t give what you do not have. So allowing yourself just to be is also a form of self-care, especially if you’ve been on the go non-stop and have had no time to sit down for a few minutes.


21.  Tidy Up Your Room Or Home

What’s more soothing than a tidy space with clean air to breathe? I shouldn’t have to write too much about the benefits of keeping your home or room clean because you already know that.


22.  Unplug From Electronics

Sometimes taking a break can also imply turning off your phone, laptop, or television and taking a break from social media and technology. It is also part of the activities for self-care most of us don’t observe often.


23.  Stay Away From Negative News

Your mental health is essential to lead a happy and peaceful life. However, I know it can be a bit difficult to do because of the time we live in. Nevertheless, it would help if you tried everything within your power to avoid negative news.


24.  Create A Night Routine

A while ago, I spoke about creating a morning routine—this time, I want to discuss creating a night routine for yourself. Bedtime or night routines can vary but often include calming activities like taking a warm bath, reading, journaling, and other cool things.

A night routine is handy, especially when you’ve had a busy day. And it’s also a way to prioritise taking care of yourself. Additionally, you can have a skincare routine, plan for the day ahead, or set a time to unplug from all devices. In any case, bedtime routines are beneficial.


25.  Plan A Trip

It’s never too late to do this, and you can on your own or with friends. However, the most important thing is to feel happy and refreshed when you get back and even while on the trip.


26.  Organise Your Closet

You’d agree that there is something relaxing about getting organised. I really can’t stress this enough. So clear out your closet and reorganise it so it functions better, and you’d feel better about yourself. An organised closet removes the stress of choosing an outfit in the morning and saves you time.


27.  Donate Old Clothes And Shoes To Charity

You might probably wonder how this relates to or is part of self-care ideas. But, in a few minutes, it will all make perfect sense to you.

Firstly, self-care isn’t selfish, so instead of living a selfish life by holding onto more than you need, why not share with the less privileged ones in your society? So, people who donate clothes or shoes are becoming less selfish and more focused on growing and improving the living standards of those around them.


28.  Get A Massage

One of the best self-care ideas one can ever think of is getting a good massage. So book an appointment with a masseuse or ask a loved one to give you a nice back, shoulder, or foot massage. Trust me; you are going to love it.


29.  Take An Online Course Or Learn Something New

Some people feel a lot better when they learn something new. It is just a way they add value to themselves. And it makes them feel good about themselves.


30.  Avoid Negative People

idea self care

Some people bring much trouble and drama when they come into our lives. And that will help surely disrupt our peace. So, avoiding such people is best if you want to maintain a peaceful life.


31.  Take Yourself Out On A Date

There are some ways to achieve this. For example, you could go to the movies or a coffee shop and enjoy time with yourself. Enjoy your own company and see how you will feel better afterwards.


32.  Redecorate Or Update The Décor In Your Home

I love home décor, so from time to time, I love to redecorate or update my décor. For example, you can add throws and pillows or buy wall art. So did you know that refreshing your surroundings can affect your mood and productivity?


33.  Draw Or Paint

Did you also know that this can reduce stress? Of course, not everyone can draw, but there is always room to try something new. So even if you can’t draw, putting pen or paint on paper can be relaxing and fun. So try it and thank me later.


34.  Do Laundry

If you have been piling your clothes for a while now, it is time to wash them. I needn’t write much about how unhealthy and upset dirty clothes can make us.


35.  Get Crafty

This is one of my favourite self-care ideas I use myself. So make something, crochet—whatever tickles your fancy. Just get your creative juices flowing, and who knows what could come out of that.


36.  Take Your Pet For A Walk

So if you are like me, who has a dog, you sure should enjoy walking your pet too.


37.  Delete Old Emails

It’s all about organising every part of your life to ensure you live your best. So delete all those emails cluttering your inbox for months.


38.  Go To Your Favourite Place

When some of us feel down, we can get inspired and back to our feet when we go to our favourite place. And that could be the park for some, then the beach or even the mountain for others.


39.  Watch Youtube

You don’t want to really know how fun this is. I love watching YouTube because there are various things to choose from, and it’s a great way to have some downtime. I can’t tell you how many web series I have followed on youtube. And interestingly, they were fantastic to watch.


40.  Write What You Are Grateful For

self care list

This is one of the best self-care ideas that you can ever think of. You know, most times, it is easy for us to forget how extraordinary our lives are because of one or two things that we may not yet have.

And as such, it is easy for us to complain and become hateful toward ourselves and others. But, writing what we call ‘little things’ that we are thankful for will help us realise how blessed we are.

On the other hand, there are days when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed and let minor things irritate me. But on those days, I take a moment to list at least ten things I am grateful for at that moment. It’s a way to stop focusing on negative things and think about positive things.


41.  Write Things You Love About Yourself

It is easier to compare yourself to your next-door neighbour or colleagues at work and say they have their life all figured out. Whereas, in reality, you are doing very well yourself.

So instead of allowing comparison to steal your joy and make you feel insecure or less of a person, try writing down what you love about yourself and your life. Trust me, it always works. This is one of the best self-care ideas anyone will ever tell you.


42.  Plan Your Goals

Just as it is ok to plan your week, it is also appropriate to plan your goals. Time will fail me to talk about this extensively, but I have a whole article on this point. And the title is 8 Ways To Be Successful In Life, and I’d like you to read it to learn more.

Planning your goals is an opportunity to determine what you want to achieve and what steps you need to take to get there. And interestingly, having a plan in place allows you to feel more in control of your life and lets your mind relax. However, it’s a way to avoid procrastinating and hold yourself accountable.


43.  Daily Affirmations

Words are powerful, and you should know that by now. Again, I’d like to write more about this here, but I already have a whole article that talks about this, and the title is 75 Powerful Affirmations For Self-Love.

You need to know more about this to understand the power of words and how they shape our minds, mentality, and even our situations. And I discussed all of that in that article.


44.  Say No

There is nothing to feel guilty or ashamed of. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t feel guilty about turning down invitations.

Listen to your mind and body and say no instead of pushing yourself and feeling burnt out. Remember, earlier, I said your body needs breaks at certain times, and if you don’t listen to your body, it will force its way through, and you may not like the outcome.


45.  Breathe

Oh yes, you read correctly –breathe, dear. This is very excellent for stress management. This is because breathing deeply sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body.


46.  Take A Bubble Bath

Did I mention how much I like to relax in my bathtub? So go ahead and add your favourite bath bomb, essential oils, Epsom salt or bubble bath to a warm relaxing bath and chill out. This is one of my favourite self-care ideas I cherish so much.


47.  Read Inspirational Quotes

There are many reasons why this made the list of our self-care ideas. Apart from these quotes serving as a form of motivation or encouragement, they encourage you to take action and offer insight and wisdom.

I also have a whole article on inspirational quotes; the title is Deep Motivational Quotes. And it will be beneficial to you if you read it.


48.  Exercise

You should exercise in a way that makes your body feels good. And this is one great way to reduce anxiety and stress and help your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels.

It has also been found to alleviate symptoms such as low self-esteem and social withdrawal. So, trust me, there are lots of reasons why you should exercise regularly.


49.  Spend Quality Time With Your Family

Perhaps you live alone and haven’t had the time to spend quality time with your family. Well, it is never too late to get together with them to have quality family time, including reminiscing about childhood memories with your parents and siblings. I guarantee that you will feel better afterwards.


50.  Cuddle With A Pet

idea self care

The last self-care idea on our list is cuddling with your pet. You know, there are days when you want to forget about the world and lie on the bed with your pet.

I get it because I have been there myself. During those times, the act lowers my heart rate, decreases my blood pressure, and then I feel fine.

These are self-care ideas you can use when life seems complicated. And I understand that life can sometimes be demanding, and when we are under pressure, it can produce stress.

However, taking good care of yourself is vital regardless of your situation. And I sincerely hope that with these self-care ideas, you will accomplish that.

We value you, which is why we wrote this article. And we have many more amazing ones like this, and to read them, click here.

We also have other fantastic content available on our social media platforms, and to get them, do click here. Trust me; you will be blown away by reading our other articles.

Remember that self-care is vital, not just for your exterior but for your mind also.

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