15 Fun Things To Do As A Couple

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There are many weekend activities for couples to engage in to bring them together again.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had such before, it’s never too late to decide.

Personally, when couples get together to engage in any romantic couple activities, it’s always fun to behold. What this simply tells me is that there are many happy couples in the world.

No matter what phase you are at in your marriage, you need to make out time for one another.

Are you thinking of many ways to? Read my article bonding activities for couples to get more insight.


This will help make both of you value each other and stay closer than ever before.

Whether it is a regular date night or preparation for your anniversary, all these romantic acts keep your relationship alive and strengthen the bond between both of you as I earlier mentioned.

To help you with that today, I’ve put together some great couple weekend ideas for you to take part in with your significant other.

No matter how simple the ideas may sound, you can make them special by putting your heart into any one of them you choose. Romantic things are often simple things done specially.

In writing this list together, I also considered several fun weekend activities for couples that won’t cost much. Let’s get you started!


1.  Wander A New Neighbourhood


The first on our list of weekend activities for couples is to go strolling in a new neighbourhood.

Most times we get used to our environment that we get comfortable and this will deprive us of discovering new places.

I love to walk around when I’m less busy to discover new places.

New places can only be seen when we step out of our comfort zones. This weekend would be the perfect one to try this fun activity with your spouse.

You could decide to drive there or walk to the place. Well, if your planned destination is a bit far, I’d prefer you to drive there.

There are places you drive by every day while on your way to work or some other place but never take the time to explore.

Exploring is more fun with your loved one by your side. So, go out and see new things for yourselves!


2.  Recreate A Memorable Date

This would be the best one on the list of weekend activities for couples.

This will bring back a lot of beautiful memories of the actual date and details like, the clothes you were wearing, the music that was playing in the background, and even the food you had will bring a big smile to your face.

It mustn’t be your first date. Sometimes most first dates aren’t memorable because of how uncomfortable you both were, so you could pick any of your early dates.

I’d like you both to feel free to recreate your first wonderful moments together and feel the rush of excitement that you felt on that day.

So think of a past date you cherished, one that means something special to you as a couple. Once this is right, the rest would be as easy as ABC.


3.  Renew Your Vows


One of the fun couple activities at home to take part in this weekend would be to renew your vows in front of friends and family members.

So are you still looking for weekend activities for couples? Well, I just gave you my idea. This would be perfect!

You could decide to have a private ceremony in your living room if you wouldn’t want to invite your friends and family members.

This act will serve as a reminder of the bond you two share with each other and, if you have children, it’s even better to have them watch you two renew your vows. This will enable them to believe in love and healthy marriage.


4.  Write A Shared Bucket List

It is time to write them all with your partner! Sit down together and think! What’s life without experiencing our plans? Have you always wanted to visit Jamaica with your spouse or try skydiving? Now is your chance to experience it while you’ve got the chance to, so plan towards it and make it happen.

Tomorrow might be too late and if we keep on procrastinating, time seems not to wait for us.

So, pick a date and make it that day you take that step to experience all you’ve written on your list.

Even though it might seem crazy, plan to make it your reality. Among my best fun outdoor activities for couples, skydiving is my best.


5.  Queue Up Some Romantic Movies


This never gets out of style and it won’t be a bad idea if you enjoyed yourselves while seeing a romantic movie this weekend.

Or you could rent a few of them to have a movie marathon. Choose whichever serves you best and you could each pick a couple of movies of your choice.

Cuddle together on the couch with snacks and drinks. This is part of my recommendation for cheap weekend activities for couples.

So have you been trying to get your spouse to watch “After We Collided”? Make it happen this weekend.

It mustn’t necessarily be a recent movie, any romantic classic movie would do. This could serve as an avenue to engage in a wonderful conversation. Make it happen!


6.  Rent A Paddle Boat

Nothing is more romantic than this. If a sailboat is not your thing, may I suggest renting a paddleboat? This adventure is a great way to relax with your spouse.

All you need to do is find a lake that rents paddle boats for the day and spend a cool afternoon or evening on the lake with your spouse alone.

You could also enjoy the view and the peace that will accompany the experience. I tell you, nothing beats this.


7.  Go For A Hot Air Balloon Ride


This could be daring but fun as well. If you’re scared of heights, you could trust your partner to hold your hands throughout the entire experience.

This will give you a great view of your city. Nothing beats having your partner by your side as you overlook your city.

Try this with your partner this weekend and thank me later.


8.  Swim With The Dolphins

There are numerous weekend activities for couples to take part in. We are just halfway into our list.

This right here is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Come on, dolphins are cute. Show how much of a lover of dolphins you are.

I’m not talking about visiting the zoo or aquarium. Go on ahead to show your swimming skill and get into the water with them. They won’t eat you.


9.  Make A Scrapbook


If you and your spouse have always wanted to tell a story, here is your chance to do just that now.

You mustn’t necessarily have to write a book, perhaps, just a few words would do so let this fun activity help you do that.

You could even keep it for your kids to see someday.

You will need to go through a lot of photos, love notes, and some other papers, well, that’s if you still have them with you.

Choose those papers that tell the story of your relationship from the beginning till date and put them in a scrapbook.

The papers may include, wedding invitations (probably that was where you both met each other), theatre programs, plane tickets, or even movie tickets.

So make a book that perfectly describes your love story with you and your spouse. I’m sure this will be accompanied by a lot of laughter and conversations.


10.  Paint A Room And Redecorate It

How about getting your hands and bodies painty this weekend? If you’ve been thinking of redecorating that room or the entire house with your spouse, this weekend would be perfect for that.

There are many different weekend activities for couples and this will bring out your inner genius.

This is not going to be boring at all. However, it can be very relaxing to paint a room while listening to your favourite music.

So take some time at home with the one you love to repair any room of your choice in your house.

After painting, it’s going to give the room a new look. This should be accompanied by you changing the appearance of the room by altering the decor.

So pick a room to redecorate together. Perhaps, this could just be timely because the room needs that change. You don’t have to be a master at it but you could let your inner genius out!

Much more than being the best at it, it’s more about the time you and your spouse spend together while reorganising. Seize the opportunity!


11.  Host A Game Night

There are many things to do this weekend for couples and you could make it more fun by inviting other close friends of yours who are married to have a beautiful time with you and your spouse.

If you have stage fright, you could persuade your spouse to tag along and be your co-host for the night.

If there is one thing I can say, that would be having a beautiful time together, and being able to laugh is always the best way to strengthen a relationship and add some romance to your love life.

Other couples present might just need some quality time. Weekend activities for couples can be exciting and this one will guarantee that excitement you’ve been looking for.


12.  Bake A Cake


Put your hand up if you don’t know how to bake like me but love cakes. I’m glad my lady knows just how to bake.

I’m cool with learning how to bake this weekend as we partake in this fun activity together. Most couples reserve this for special occasions but it doesn’t have to be on a particularly special one.

Go ahead and just bake a cake with your spouse as a romantic activity and feast on it after dinner. Choose to make this weekend the most spectacular one in this entire year.


13.  Play “Would You Rather”

This could be fun to participate in with your spouse. So asking each other to get deep can reveal some new things about your relationship.

However, you can learn more about each other and even more about yourself too.

Get creative and ask some creative questions while playing this game, so go ahead and do some research and find some questions to ask each other.


14.  Have An Indoor Picnic


This is even cooler and you will have no interruptions. Oh well, that is if the kids are at grandma’s house.

Fix yourselves a plate on a picnic blanket laid in your parlour and open a bottle of wine to get your taste buds wet.

This activity can be more fun than the outdoor picnic that we are used to.


15.  Go To A Play

Part of some weekend activities for couples would be for you and your spouse to go and see a play.

So If you haven’t had the time to go and see one yet with your spouse, I think you should because it could be an amazing experience.

Go online and check for anyone that will be taking place in your city or ask a friend. Take a drive there with your spouse and have a good time together

I just gave you a list of some weekend activities for couples and I’m optimistic it will help you both have a great time together.

The goal is to enjoy some quality time and be happy afterwards.

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Thanks for reading and sharing.


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