10 Things Guys Like In Bed But Won’t Ask For

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Things men want in bed

Since the beginning of time, women have been perceived and observed to be expressive of their feelings and emotions, while men have merely been walking, talking, eating, breathing, and shagging robots.

Okay, that’s just me being overly dramatic. But, we can’t deny that most times, women are better at expressing themselves comfortably — especially in relationships, while men are often shy about and even shy away from their feelings.

I think this is mostly because they want to keep their egos inflated, retain an air of control and authority and not look small or “soft”, especially to other men.

This wide gap in communication from the men’s side can be a quite difficult hurdle to cross in a relationship, especially as regards their bedroom time. It can be quite frustrating.

Lovemaking is a two-way thing, you know. We all have our secret fantasies and preferences when it comes to sensual activities.

However, it can be difficult to bring these erotic fantasies into fulfillment when the communication that is necessary to maximize sensual potential is not forthcoming from both sides.

Guys are generally hesitant or apprehensive about vocalizing their feelings because they think it makes them appear too needy and vulnerable.

It’s worse when it comes to lovemaking; they also keep what they want in bed to themselves, probably hoping that someday, their women can connect with them so deeply that they’d click telepathically and understand what’s in their heads.

Don’t be fooled by their seeming indifference; there are many things guys like in bed but won’t ask for. Oftentimes, it’s because they’re shy or afraid that you’d laugh at them.

Other times, they think you might think they’re crazy or not be up for such. They want you to be at ease with/around them, so they don’t want to make you upset or uncomfortable by letting you into their most intense desires.

It’s important to learn the things guys like in bed but won’t ask you to encourage your man into being expressive about his preferences. You might want to pay attention now.

Get a notepad and a pen, even. I’m about to take you on a long ride of dos and don’ts in bed, as well as little secrets you don’t see every day — things guys like in bed but won’t ask for.

I’m certain that you’d not want to forget these things in a long, long time.


What  Not To Do In Bed

Things men want in bed

Sensual intercourse is awesome and a lot of fun, but, you know what they say: “it’s not just how far, but how well.” When it comes to proper lovemaking, there can be downsides.

There are many things that you need to learn to NEVER do during sensual intercourse. Avoid them like a plague! Understanding these things will keep you happier with your man, in and out of the bedroom.

1. Crying

Yeah, you’ve never had a sensual experience as amazing as this. That’s beautiful and understandable, but it is not okay to cry during intercourse.

It’d make you feel weird, and make him feel weirder; he’d be wondering if he hurt you or something, and if he’s not strong at heart, he could freak out. Stop. Don’t do it.

2. Showing That You’re Sleepy

Imagine this scenario. You’re hard at work, sweating it off at neck-breaking speed, straddling your man like a horse while rubbing and kissing all the right places.

Then, out of the blue, he lets out a loud yawn. How would that make you feel? Killjoy, right? It’d certainly ruin the moment for you.

Showing that you’re sleepy during lovemaking only indicates a lack of focus and disinterest, and – imagine that scene in your mind again – there’s nothing more humiliating than that.

3. Talking Too Much

Dirty talk is amazing in bed. It’s important to communicate your desires to your partner and hear his, too, but it’s a definite vibe killer if you begin to initiate random conversations in the middle of The Act. All that talk can wait for cuddle time, boo-boo.

4. Passing Gas

Blasting a tank of evil and destruction in someone’s face in the middle of a sensual experience and then getting on without giving your partner space to recover from your betrayal is unacceptable. It’s a mortal sin!

Farting can be an uncontrollable action sometimes, but it’s important to be modest enough to let the air clear and peace return to Earth before you go down again.

5. Forgetting His Name

Don’t ever fall guilty of forgetting the name of your partner. This is a huge turn-off for guys, so it’s better to play it safe. Be creative: moan “oh, yeah!” or yell out random ooohs and aa.00ahs.

Now that we know the don’ts, let’s move on to the 10 Commandments of the Sacred Bedroom Area.

1. They Like It When You Pay Attention To Their Body

For guys, the only thing hotter than a woman’s beautiful, elegant hands is how they feel when they’re wrapped around their joystick. This is one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for: they want to be touched!

I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking: say, a hand job, but that’s not all there is in touching your man in all the right places.

When it comes to sensuality, it’s mostly the little things that count: the little kisses, caresses, nibbles. These things have the power to drive men wild and straight over the edge. Don’t constrain yourself to the conventional, obvious places.

Yeah, you can do the usual rubbing and sucking and licking, and he’d enjoy it without saying a word about the more stimulating regions he knows you can explore.

Wipe your tears of frustration, weep no more. Here’s a tip: Focus on his erogenous zones. Explore his body and please him exactly as he’d like it.

Ready? Here you go.

Places Guys Like To Be Touched

Bury Your Fingers In His Hair.

Yes, his hair. Do you know how close and bonded you feel when your partner strokes your hair gently, while you lay on his thighs and look deeply into his eyes? Now, imagine that the roles are reversed and his eyes are boring into yours, as you smile back coyly and play with his hair. Isn’t that incredibly sexy?

A lot of women don’t realize how important hair is to a man. It expresses his style and exhibits his individuality and manliness.

So, when you give his hair that special attention, you’re touching a part of him he appreciates deeply, and he’d love you better for it.

He’d ordinarily not tell you this, but an intense and stimulating head rub is one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for.

Touch His Neck.

The neck is full of nerve endings, and this makes it one of the best erogenous zones. It’s a great start to begin your exploration of your man’s body.

While you’re kissing, place your hands gently on his neck and pull him closer. This makes the kiss deeper. Don’t stop at that, kiss him on his neck, too.

Disentangle your lips from his and slowly shower his neck with wet kisses. If he likes that, go farther and nibble on him gently. Those little gestures you probably make no sense of, are one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for.

His Inner Thighs.

Tilt this game a bit to the dangerous side and touch his inner thighs. They’re the closest to his sexual organs, anyway, so they’re a highly sensitive erogenous zone. The feeling is incredible, and–as we all know by now, this kind of physical stimulation is part of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for.

Make him sweat this one out. Trace your fingers lightly along his inner thighs. For effect, reach down and nibble gently on them. The lower you get to his joystick, the crazier it’ll make him, and the more aroused he’ll become.

Tip: Do this very slowly. Be as torturous as possible. They deserve it for leaving you to figure things out on your own

Grab That Booty, Baby.

It’s not just women who like to have their fanny grabbed and wickedly squeezed. Ass grabbing is one more of the many things guys like in bed but won’t ask for.

Your man probably thinks you’d laugh at him if he goes like, “I want you to squeeze my ass.” Hey, stop laughing! The aim is to make men comfortable enough to express themselves in bed, aye?

Well, the ass thingy isn’t universal. Some like a little more pressure than others, and some don’t even mind oral sensual activities in this area. Observe how your man responds to being touched on the bum. His reaction will tell you if he wants more/less of that.

Kiss His Nipples.

It doesn’t matter if female breasts are bigger, male nipples are the same thing as female nipples. They might even be more sensitive because guys are not used to being touched there a lot.

Take your man’s shirt off, lay him on his back and slowly flick your fingers across his areolae. This will send shock waves of pleasure all over him.

Take it a notch higher and use your mouth. Kiss his nipples, and let your tongue do the flicking this time. Men love it when you let the pressure mount like that, so don’t be afraid to bite his nipple gently and give him more pleasure.

Tip: For more intense erotic stimulation you can trail an ice cube around his areolae, then suck on them.

2. They Want You To Take The Lead

This is another instance of things guys like in bed but won’t ask for. Many men find it a total turn-on when their partner takes complete control of everything; they like it when their women are expressive enough to reach out. They’re able to sink into the feeling and enjoy the whole process, too.

However, many men won’t tell you this because they’re worried it makes them look lazy, or that you’re not going to want it yourself.

Give it a go: take charge. It’d give you a sense of power to feel your man melt into your hands. And you definitely will enjoy it, too.

Now, let’s get practical. Seek him out when he’s busy and try invading his space. This will work effectively if you’re prepared in advance: dress provocatively, striptease him, whisper in his ears all the naughty things you want to do to him. Watch him melt for you.

3. They Like To Communicate

Communication is important during sensual activities, as they help both parties understand & satisfy their erotic desires.

Men appreciate it when their partners are willing to communicate and connect with them, as well as ready to listen to them, openly talk about their fantasies & how they’d like to fulfill them.

Moreso, it’s a turbo boost to men when their partners compliment their sensual prowess. Every man wants to be told how great he is in the sheets and how he can be even more amazing. These are some of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for.

So, the next time you get into “that place” with your man, take the initiative. Be open about your desires and listen to him as well. Let him know what his touch does to you.

Call his name (it’s not a bad idea if you moan it, though) and tell him when he’s hitting the right spots. Don’t hold back your moans, or screams, as the case may be, of pleasure. Tell him what to do and boost his ego.

4. They Want You To Try Out New Things

Things men want in bed

Be adventurous and devise new ways to blow your man’s mind. Every man wants some extra spice in his bedroom activities, but that’s one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for.

From the littlest things like your underwear and how you smell to bigger things like sensual toys and new sensual positions, be very intentional. Take total charge and let nothing slip past you. Break the rules and old routines and introduce new activities.

Instead of the conventional missionary, try the “doggy” position. Instead of the regular cowgirl, try the reverse cowgirl style. Try out sensual toys, too. It’s okay if they don’t do it for you; it’s more important that you and your man have direct conversations about this.

Now, how about a little recklessness? Try making love in random, weird, and risky places. For instance: under the dining table, under the staircase, in the garage.

Have you ever had a sensual “encounter” at the beach? Inside a plane? An open field?; They sound impossible, right? Well, the riskier, the merrier.

The roof of your house isn’t such a bad idea either, you know. You’re welcome, sweetheart.

5. They Want To Be Cuddled After Lovemaking

I can imagine why this is one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for. He probably doesn’t want to sound silly for asking to be cuddled like a child after a sensual experience.

I know it seems quite normal for you to be the “cuddlee” after lovemaking while he’s the “cuddler.” Do you ever think men want to experience what it’s like, too?

This time, do it differently. Cuddle him instead. He wants to feel your warmth on his skin and enjoy the comfort of your bosom, my fair lady. Is that too much to ask?

6. They Want To Explore Outside The Bedroom

Consider taking the steam out of the sheets and spreading it outside. Men are very curious about possibilities of exploration and sensual escapades, and this is one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for. Be innovative about this, and be as reckless as you please.

Surprise him. Take him to a different part of the house and seduce him. You’ll see him practically brimming with excitement if this appeals to his sensual ideas, especially because men like it when their women are spontaneous in the bedroom area.

Experiment. Make love on the beach, in the car, on the porch, on the couch, in the shower, on the stairs, even in the kitchen.

There’s plenty of fun things to try together that will bring a lot of refreshment into your sensual lives. As long as you’re cautious enough, you’ll be okay.

7. They Want You To Engage Them In Foreplay

Foreplay is perfect for creating sensual tension. It entails building erotic chemistry between you and your man in preparation for an EXPLOSIVE sensual encounter.

It’s one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for because of the false idea that they are supposed to be always “ready for business.”

Here are some pointers towards building sexual tension and doing better with your man in bed.

  • Make casual contact with your man. Touch him “mistakenly” and let your fingers linger.
  • Maintain eye contact while you’re at it. Let your gaze be bold and suggestive. If he’s watching from a distance, lick your lips slowly, then take extra time to apply gloss to your lips.
  • Tell personal or flirtatious stories: go deep into those sensual occurrences that have left lasting impressions on you in a way or another. Talk about your erotic escapades.
  • Be subtle, but confident and assertive.
  • Take things slowly.
  • Take time to explore your man’s body and touch him in all the right places.
  • Be deliberate about the pattern and intensity of your erotic experience. Kiss him slowly and deeply and work your way down his body.

If you’re intent on having an amazing sensual experience with your man, pay attention to foreplay and take your time. This is the time when you build your intimacy with all of your senses: listening for his sounds and directives, touching, tasting, even smelling.

Some people think foreplay is just a waste of time, but, trust me, there’s no better way to reach into your partner’s soul and give him the sensual satisfaction that he needs.

8. They Like You On Top

Things men want in bed

Men love for themselves a dominant woman who takes what she wants when she wants it, especially if it means grinding hard on his joystick.

This is one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for because they’re scared of how it will portray them: lazy, selfish, or mean.

On the contrary, they just want to relax and be taken care of, too, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

9. They Like It When You’re Confident

Nothing turns a man on faster than a confident & assertive woman. Your man wants to know that you appreciate him enough to be at ease around him.

This knowledge does not stop in the bedroom, it extends to other areas of your life, including your relationship with your man.

10. They Want You To Talk Dirty

Things men want in bed

It’s not just what they see that turns them on, but men’s minds are also very receptive to the things they hear. They want you to be vocal about your erotic desires.

Dirty talk does two things: whets your appetite and prepares both your minds for an amazing time in bed, then turbo-boosts your man’s ego.

He not only wants to hear how you like it, but he also wants to know that he’s appreciated and “a real man” between the sheets. This is one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for.

Now’s not the time to be modest at all–throw all caution to the wind! Be bold and leave nothing out. Keep your voice soft and smooth, and tell your man what you like, how you want to be loved, where you want to be touched. Say things like:

  • “I love it when you put your finger in my ___”
  • “I like it when you do ___ to my ___ like that.”
  • “Kiss me in my ___”
  • “I want you to lick me slowly from my breasts to my stomach to my cat. Especially my cat.”

Communication is two-sided, so ask him what he wants as well, listens, and see if you both can fulfill each other’s fantasies.

Make sure to call his name, too. It not only assures him that the experience is pleasurable for you, but it’s also a massive turn-on.


If, before now, you’ve been wondering how to go the extra mile to please your man, you’re welcome!

Well, it’s important to note that it all still comes down to personal preferences, so these pointers differ per man. Don’t fret if one doesn’t work, just try another and pay attention to his reactions.

Cheers to blissful sensual experiences!

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