15 Long Distance Relationship Ideas To Keep The Spark Alive

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Long-distance relationships can be a struggle to work with, especially when it seems like your partner will be gone for a while; it can be challenging trying to keep the spark alive against all uncertainties. The physical touch, a warm embrace, and gentle hair stroking cannot be achieved with your spouse miles or countries away.

Every relationship requires an equal amount of effort and commitment from both parties. With romantic ideas, long-distance relationships can be all the fun you need; partners need to be intentional about helping the relationship thrive through whatever circumstances they might face while at it.

Without proper observation, a Long distance relationship can become a hamster’s wheel with the same conversations repeatedly. If you are in a Long distance relationship, you must have discovered that it can be quite the task to keep things pretty interesting. But, it doesn’t have to bother you so much. Follow up on our 15 tips on how to spice up a Long distance relationship:


1.  Be Exceptionally Adventurous

In a world of endless possibilities, it might mean opening your mind to every option available in keeping your relationship alive, confused? Don’t be. Video calls were quickly adopted to communicate over long distances and help spouses notice the cries and smiles of their lovers.

With a text message, you can be incredibly express forms of intimacy with your partner and spice up your long-distance relationship activities and ideas without the hassle of getting up from bed.

So distance is not a barrier to communicating your feelings; how about touch? No doubt it is possible to want to create more than just memories over the internet.

Intimate desire is a bond that helps a couple recognize the innate feeling of missing the other person at every point of the day and do well to communicate those feelings constantly.

So share the most essential and even absurd thoughts, open up to your partner on every move you wish to make intimately if they were within your grasp, and be sure to do this all the time.

Adventure has no limits and should not be toyed with for the sake of those involved; enjoy Jogging? How about a constant early morning run with a conversation about how the day would go and plans for the evening? Create long-distance relationship ideas as you live the moment with your partner as if they were with you physically.


2.  Try Not To Minimize Communication.

Long-distance relationship ideas such as observing open, consistent, and spontaneous Communication can save the health of your relationship, be careful to avoid the trap of routine conversations.

More important, beware of routine, monosyllabic responses. Instead, your questions should endear a willingness of your spouse to open up about the topic; even when they prove clueless, be willing to shed light rather than ignore it altogether.

Be conscious of their major plans and outlook in the future, and be constructive as to how you would fit into those plans; these are sweet things to do in a Long distance relationship.

Then feature your spouse in your ideas and be inclusive of relating with their thoughts. One-sided Communication is sometimes a major deal-breaker when practiced continuously, so be careful to keep the boat steady.

Couples who have active Communication survive longer and tend to achieve sustainable goals in their relationship.

Your typical day goes beyond how you woke up and what you ate; you probably stopped for coffee and met an old schoolmate who even tried to hit on you; that is a great conversation.

So, if you think about various aspects of your day and how they can work in a conversation, your talks can never get boring.


3.  Crave And Earn Every Special Moment.

Countdown to meet–up day? Yeah, you should; you deserve it; you’ve waited for so long and have continuously dream about this moment.

Your special moments should even be extra memorable if the distance would set in soon enough; giving tips on plans for your meet-up and how you would shut the whole world out to be with your spouse gives them the best feeling ever.

Make a list to do activities and fun places to visit if you intend to tour the city. Take pictures every second of the way and save those memories keep when you’ll be apart; take long-distance relationship activities as memories to be cherished.

Keep an active schedule on your calendar and plan every aspect to the latter, but try not to be a perfectionist.

The excitement that comes with the vibe might overwhelm you trying to put all factors in place, so remember who matters more and how much time you need to enjoy with your partner.


4.  Netflix And Chill.

Sounds impossible? This is the one long-distance relationship ideas you have probably failed to consider. Streaming services are all over the media, and you just have to pick a great movie for the night and connect simultaneously different locations; one connection, “The Titanic,” should be a great one.

A good example of long-distance relationship activities online would be to pick a show you both enjoy and create specific times to watch.

Cuddle your pillows and pretend your partner is there with you and watching together. There are methods to achieving this.

Create a zoom call over the phone or instant messenger while watching a movie together, access a streaming movie online, get popcorn and drinks for the culture, cover up, and sail away.

What if you’re the stick marvel fan, and she loves Korean? This should not cause any drama. Even if you don’t like the same type of movies or shows, watching your partner’s favorite movie shows them that you really care about spending so much time in their company.

This is a great way for you and your partner to feel connected and do the sweetest things together in a Long distance relationship.


5.  Surprise Your Partner.

Ready to create a glow on your partner’s face, send a surprise at every opportunity. One of the long-distance relationship ideas proven to work consistently is the act of surprising your partner.

We often attach meanings to the little things in our everyday life and store memories in physical things we can see and touch that we can look or hold on to something that will help us remember that special person.

The occasional gifts and memories shared would make a positive impression on your partner over time. To add a special topping to your surprise, try to plan it, so your partner’s friends are in on the action.

A doorstep surprise can be the exact romantic spice, but it is more fun to have friends witness their reactions.


6.  Do The Unexpected.

Long-distance relationship ideas like breakfast in bed during an unexpected visit will spice up your love life and make your partner feel important and loved all at the same time.

There’s no better joy than can be derived when you notice the shocked, ecstatic, joyful, and surprise expressed on your partner’s face when you do the unexpected and sensitive things out o the blues.

Beautiful intentions are creative not because of the efforts alone but the thoughts that count. Unplanned visits are the highlights of your relationship; besides every other action expressed, the physical presence of your partner would send a loving message.

After a long time apart with so many plans and projected memories you’ve yearned to create, you finally get to see and do all those things you have imagined, which are common to everyday couples but special and sensually intimate for people in long-distance relationships.


7.  Be Time Conscious

While you work through the beauty of a long-distance relationship, it is best to understand your partner’s time schedule at their location, especially when they are abroad or in a different time zone; it would be best to note the appropriate time to call or send messages.

You would want to take note of the schedule your partner has to manage with their daily activities and can clearly discuss the best time to discuss via calls or text.

An occasional text during the day or a good night message would be best when you find it necessary; remember that whenever you send a text through to your partner, you lift the mood at that moment.

A different application to time consciousness is understanding your partner’s moods and knowing the best time to react; try to exercise care in knowing the best time to communicate your intentions or emotions to your partner.


8.  Be Together, Live Exclusively.

The beauty of your relationship as a couple is the fact that you are two completely different people with varying backgrounds. Two individuals who need to live their lives in and also outside the relationship.

A great way to make your long-distance relationship ideas work is for you to live independently of each other, exclusively exploring different ideas.

Being in a healthy Long distance relationship also translates to giving yourself attention and taking care of yourself just as much as you take care of your partner. You also have a responsibility to yourself to be happy.

Some of the best long-distance relationship ideas could include connecting with a different network of friends besides your partner. Explore avenues to live your life and share your excitement with or without your partner.

Your world should not only revolve around your partner — you should not neglect your friends and family over the bliss and comfort that comes with a relationship.

Time apart from your partner should successfully help you develop a routine of personal hobbies and self-development strategies, enjoy your time alone, learn new skills, make new friends, get a new hobby, go to the gym, and have a life. The success of your relationship also depends on the efforts you put into becoming a better person yourself.


9.  Create A To-Do List.

It is good to have a bucket list with your partner, especially when you’re in a long-distance relationship with goals ticked off when achieved.

Making future plans regarding financial decisions, vacations, traveling, and other important decisions will make your partner feel ever involved in the relationship.

Your partner would also love to involve you in his affairs, as your input would definitely help in being productive.

Make plans towards when you’ll see each other, and have a reward system for achieved goals. Help your partner create an active plan and monitor their commitment to those targets.

Also, involve your partner in your plans, create a progress report and appreciate the efforts they show in making sure you do better; these are the long-distance relationship ideas that could mean a lot.


10.  Keep The Messages Consistent.

It is very easy to lose track and engagements in a long-distance relationship. An occasional voice note or video messages of love is a time factor healer for long-distance relationships.

The love bond is increased when affection is expressed in any and every way possible, be spontaneous when trying out new ways to communicate with your partner.

Long-distance relationship romance could include a constant well-written love message, which might eventually become a bore if it is written in the exact same format without a touch of sensitivity attached to it.

A message that easily states how much you are thinking of your partner or a phone call can be a nice surprise; however, long conversations can be scheduled for evenings or weekends with each person’s schedule in mind for convenience.

11.  Push Your Goals.

It is important that couples help each other achieve individual goals; even with a long range in terms of distance or with a spouse overseas, you both are working positively towards achieving a sustainable future.

Set an approach toward goals to achieve before your next meet-up, an example of supportive long-distance relationship ideas to foster success.

You can also support your partner in achieving goals that they might struggle to meet up. Setting goals and meeting them is a creative way of engaging with your partner miles away while showing an appreciable amount of love and commitment to the growth of your relationship.


12.  Be Supportive. 

With a bliss of love and light comes life’s issues and challenges; at this point, the love and support of friends, family, or partners are great sources of the required strength to move on.

Long-distance relationships can be demanding, and sometimes, despite using various methods to add spice and love to the relationship, it might seem like things can’t work out.

This is why you must be a source of support and assurance to your partner in terms of commitment, love, and compassion, especially during difficult times with reliance needed at the most daunting periods.

Trust is an important factor to consider in long-distance relationships. Avoid the unnecessary urge to be compulsive about monitoring your partner’s movements and activities.

Take control of your insecurities and communicate these concerns with your partner without being overbearing. Even over a long distance, be willing to communicate your feelings appropriately.

If it is beginning to seem like a routine, make sure to adjust and refresh your schedule. Make sure the communication lines remain open and know that even a long-distance relationship can be healthy and easily make it through difficult periods.


13.  Share Daily Events And Activities.

Keeping your significant other in the loop regarding the ups and downs of everyday activities is one of the best things to do in a long-distance relationship; it is in the spirit of inclusion and love. Do everything like you were together and had everyday conversations in person.

While engaging in voice and video calls, including the best and even insignificant details of your day. How you handle the optimistic and uncomfortable situations and how your partner feels you could have handled it better.

Your partner would definitely be happy to hear how your day went and would love to be fully involved in it, as this gives the experience of being a part of your day.

Maybe you can’t have these discussions in person. A romantic situation can be created from your respective locations. Smooth music and your favorite meals should set the right mood for any conversation.

Create an intimate conversation with dim-lit evening situations and wine to end the night on a beautiful note. Even if physical intimacy cannot be expressed at the moment, you can explore date nights as a way to share events about your day and get involved with each other.


14.  Try New Things Together.

Cooking, Jogging, or swimming are activities to consider as romantic long-distance relationship ideas. Create some shared experiences like a timetable for dinner even though living apart. And one of such is to explore a new thing together.

In the age of endless possibilities over the internet, there is so much information to enjoy and sometimes, for free. This idea will strengthen and solidify your connection with your partner.

Schooling together by probably taking a master’s course or just learning a soft skill, explaining odd areas that seem confusing, and helping each other through tests and projects.

Whether it is a data analytics skill, cryptocurrency, or a foreign language, you and your partner can plan to take classes in person or online. Learning new skills together will keep the conversations alive and new every day, plus you will improve each other.

If you are learning together, creating goals, and making impressive progress as a couple, the sky is the starting point for your love story.


15.  Be Careful Not To Overdo Anything.

Regardless of your type of relationship, constant Communication or meeting up consistently might not be the best of practice. Too much of anything, whether good or great, might not be beneficial in any case.

In trying to spice up long-distance relationship ideas with your partner, the daily conversations you engage in could become routine rather than something to look forward to.

When your relationship goes down that road, it might just be on the way to getting boring and tiring. Every partner must learn the method of balancing the communication flow without going excessive and at the same time not losing the constant communication flow.

What makes long-distance relationship ideas exciting is the desire despite not being able to see each other constantly, yet when kept in appropriate balance, keeps the spark alive.



Long-distance relationships are often described as a hard load to carry. Although, being in a relationship with someone thousands of miles away can be complicated emotionally and in other respects.

This doesn’t have to be the case in your relationship true It might seem like a chore at some point, but with the right tips and Long distance relationship ideas, you are right on your way to a successful relationship.

There are plenty of ways to make long-distance relationships fun, exciting, and loving all the way. Recall that trust and honesty are key factors in every relationship, no the distance involved.

Being apart will sometimes create room for doubt and in hidden insecurities; this is common, yet understand that such feelings are experienced in all types of relationships, long-distance or ten steps away.

Of course, not all Long distance relationships are built to last, but we believe success is achievable if commitment exists, and effort to improve every facet of the relationship is put in place.

What is the current situation of your relationship? Need some help to keep the love on an upward scale? Our website has every possible form of love advice applicable to all types of relationships and carefully researched information for you’re the success of you and your spouse.

Let’s hear your views and comments on our social media channels; we love reader engagements. Create the perfect atmosphere with our long-distance relationship ideas and experience all the bliss love has to offer.

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