200 Cute Nickname For Boyfriend

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 In today’s article, we will be looking at different cute nicknames for boyfriends. Contrary to popular perception, pet names are not exclusively meant for ladies. Men also love to be called those adorable names.

A nickname for your boyfriend is an excellent way to strengthen the bonds of love and intimacy between two lovers.

Truth is, if you don’t call your boyfriend with unique nicknames enough, you could eventually lose him to someone else who does.

So do you need unique nicknames for your boyfriend? You will be amazed at how many you will fall in love with while reading. The wonderful news is that there are thousands of nicknames for boyfriend.


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But since he’s the special one in your life, you want to avoid settling for any other name. You should give him the best. He deserves something that is both cute and unique.

If you will admit, there will come a time in your relationship where calling your boyfriend by his name will sound awkward. It will feel better when he has a sweet nickname that is more romantic.

There are many romantic names to call your boyfriend in English, and we will be looking at some of them. If you are also looking for names to call your crush boy, you will see many you like.

Reasons For Giving Nicknames To Your Boyfriend

There are many reasons why you should call your boyfriend using a sweet pet name. Let’s give you a few of them.

  • The nickname is a display of affection from the giver.
  • They imply a deep level of trust and intimacy.
  • Nicknames for boyfriend often signify belonging, saying, you’re mine.
  • It helps us respond to affection.
  • It helps solidify the relationship.

 How To Come Up With Cute Nicknames For Your Boyfriend 


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Nicknames for boyfriend are given following some criteria and if neglected, might turn out to be a disaster. The essence of the whole pet name thing is to feel loved and wanted.

  • Give him a nickname based on his physical attributes.
  • Give him a nickname based on his personality.
  • Modify his name to come up with beautiful nicknames for him.
  • Give him a nickname based on his hobbies or favorite things.
  • Give him a nickname based on his similarity to a famous person.
  • Use matching couple nicknames.

 Tips On How To Avoid Picking Bad Nicknames For Your Boyfriend 

Whenever you call him that pet name, he shouldn’t reply with, “I have told you that I don’t like that name.” If this is the case, it means the goal of giving him the pet name is defeated. Nicknames for a boyfriend should make one feel comfortable and loved.

  • Don’t use a nickname you have used for someone else, for example, your ex-boyfriend or close male friend.
  • Don’t pick a nickname that is difficult to pronounce. Pick something short and simple.
  • Don’t mock him with a nickname. It will make things worse.
  • Don’t pick an insensitive nickname, it has to describe your boyfriend.
  • Don’t use a nickname that sounds girly.

 200 Cute Nickname For Boyfriend


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Let’s go through cute nicknames for guys you can call your boyfriend. These nicknames for boyfriend are amazing, and I’m optimistic you will find one that suits your boyfriend.

1.  Ace: There are a lot of wonderful nicknames for boyfriend but this is the best nickname for a boyfriend who is a genius.

2.  Adonis: This is particularly under the category of unique nicknames for boyfriend because you don’t hear it too often. Of course, this is for a very handsome boyfriend.

3.  Adorable: This word speaks for itself. So are you thinking of cute nicknames for crush? Adorable sounds perfect. This is for one who makes your heart melt.

4.  Angel: If you are thinking of a pet name for your boyfriend, this name speaks for itself. An affectionate name for a boyfriend who has a good heart. Yes, it is not all feminine.

5.  Angel Eyes: Cutenicknames for boyfriend are much but this must be recognized. This is a cute name for a boyfriend with attractive and charming eyes.

6.  Apple Of My Eye: This is a term of endearment for a guy you cherish so much.

7.  Autumn: A sweet nickname for a guy that makes you happy.

8.  Albear: Great if he is big, cute, and cuddly.

9.  Amante: Cute right? This means ‘beloved’ in Spanish. 

10.  Amore Mio: This translates to ‘my love’ in Italian.


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11.  Baby boo: The word ‘boo’ is often used as a word of endearment. When combined with ‘baby’ it makes a perfect nickname for the love of your life.

12.  Babe: A wonderful pet name for a guy you have a romantic relationship with.

13.  Baby: An affectionate pet name for a boyfriend who you love and spoil

14.  Baby Bear: This is for a cute boyfriend you love to cuddle.

15.  Bright eyes: If you love it when he looks at you, show him by using this nickname.

16.  Butter Biscuit: This is an amazing one if he is a softie.

17.  Baby Cakes: This is a nickname that denotes something sweet. Yes, your boyfriend is sweet so give him this pet name.

18.  Beloved: There are many pet names for lovers but this one stands out. Simple and straightforward word meaning someone you love.

19.  Bae: An endearing name for a guy that is your lover.

20.  Berry: A great nickname for a fantastic guy.


 Hot Nicknames For Boyfriend


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Nicknames for boyfriend deserve to be hot. So, here are a few hot nicknames for my boyfriend that you might want to call him when next you see him.

If there’s one thing I can say, that would be, he is going to love it. Cute nicknames for boyfriend should also be hot, that way, he will feel more confident about himself.

1.  Lover Boy: A great nickname for a guy who loves you so much and it is so evident.

2.  Exotic: An usual and exciting guy.

3.  My Heart: A sweet name for a boyfriend who is indispensable.

4.  Handsome: A great name for a boyfriend with great looks.

5.  Paradise: An affectionate name for a guy who brings peace and happiness into your life.

6.  Jelly Baby: For an awesome boyfriend. 

7.  Pearl: A boyfriend who is incredibly special to you.

8.  Nemo: For a guy who is the most amazing one ever in your life.

9.  Perfect: A boyfriend without flaws or blemishes in your eyes, you’d never change a thing in him.

10.  Sugar Boy: An endearing name for a boyfriend who always pleases you.

11.  Captain: A cute nickname for a reliable and handsome boyfriend.

12.  Care Bear: A very caring boyfriend with a big heart.

13.  Chardonnay: A cute nickname for a priceless boyfriend that always makes you feel awesome.

14.  Chubby Cheeks: For a guy with those chunky cheeks that makes you want to cuddle him.

15.  Curls: A name for a cute boyfriend with curly hair.

16.  Cutie Boo: A good name for an attractive guy that you adore.

17.  Cutie Patootie: An adorable boyfriend you care about.

18.  Dolce: A nickname for a boyfriend who is sweet, loving with pure class and style.

19.  Dove: A boyfriend who is divine and pure.

20.  Dovey: A rare boyfriend. He is sweet and caring.


  Chocolate Nicknames For Boyfriend 


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There are quite many chocolate nicknames for boyfriends you could choose from. All you need to do is to just gently read through.

1.  Brown Eyes: A good name for a guy who has beautiful brown eyes.

2.  Brown Sugar: Another nickname you can use to reference his beautiful brown eyes.

3.  Brownie: A brown-eyes or tanned, sweet-natured boyfriend.

4.  Cakes: A sweet and adorable guy.

5.  Chocolate: An African-American guy that is very handsome.

6.  Chocolate Drop: A dark-skinned boyfriend that is very attractive.

7.  Hot Chocolate: Great name for a good-looking guy.

8.  Cuddle Cookie: Perfect for a sweet-hearted guy.

9.  Chocobo: He is hot! You got to call that eye candy your Chocobo.

10.  Pudding Pop: If he is irresistible and a sweetie pie, call him by this beautiful nickname.


Unique Nicknames With Meaning


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The meaning of a pet name matter a lot. Most times, some people rush to call their significant other these names without knowing the meaning.

Let’s help you with that. Here are some beautiful nicknames for boyfriend, and I’m sure you’ll see one that will tingle in your ears.

1.  Romeo: Perfect for a romantic guy

2. Soul Mate: This means you are destined to be together.

3.  Sugar: Sugar is appropriate for a sweet boyfriend. Sugar Lips is a variation for a great kisser.

4.  Wonder Boy: This Means he is cute and a little mysterious.

5.  Prince Charming: Call him this nickname if he stole your heart simply because of his charisma.

6.  Muffin: This Means he is the first thing you want to encounter each morning.

7.  Mr. Right: If he is the guy after your heart, then he is your Mr. Right. You can even choose to shorten or abbreviate this as M.R.

8.  Ultimate: This means he embodies everything you could ever want in a boyfriend.

9.  Teddy Bear: This means he is the dude you are always dying to hold tight in your arms.

10.  Superstar: If he is the hero you have always been looking for, then you should consider calling him this.

11.  Angus: A boyfriend with an enticing aura.

12.  Ahuva: A Hebrew term meaning “My Love.”

13.  Baby Doodle: For a playful and cute boyfriend.

14.  Baby Puff: A name for a good-looking and cuddly boyfriend.

15.  Bam Bam: A name for a boyfriend who is full of so much energy.

16.  Bebits: A nickname to call your boyfriend.

17.  Sparkles: For a boyfriend who lightens up your dullest days.

18.  Bond: Culled from “James Bond,” a cute name for a cool boyfriend.

19.  Brainiac: A super-smart boyfriend.

20.  Bubba: An affectionate name for a guy very dear to your heart and who is always there for you.


Food Nicknames For Boyfriend 


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Is your boyfriend a foodie? If your answer is yes, then you should consider giving him one of these names. Well, he may not necessarily eat much, but whenever you see him, you just feel like eating them right away. That’s if you know what I mean. Let’s go through some cute nicknames for boyfriend.

 1.  Chicken Nugget: For when they are looking delicious and so adorable.

2.  Peanut: For when they are acting cute.

3.  Cookie: When they are being the sweetest, and you really just want to hobble them up like a treat. As sweet as a cookie.

4.  Jelly Bean: For your boyfriend who is silly but also sweet.

5.  Soda Pop: For a boyfriend who provides you with that burst of sweetness.

6.  Pumpkin: A simple yet adorable boyfriend pet name.

7.  Pudding Pie: Another perfect name for acute or sweet boyfriend.

8.  Pancake: Who doesn’t love pancakes? This is for when they are so sweet and cute.

9.  Apple: Perfect for a sweet boyfriend. One of the most perfect fruity nicknames for boyfriend.

10.  Honey: A classic boyfriend name that means sweet and charming. Accepted any day!

11.  Lemon: A good nickname for your boyfriend because he will always do what is best for you.

12.  Doughnut: A nickname for a chubby and adorable guy.

13.  Egghead: An intellectual boyfriend.

14.  Strawberry: A boyfriend cute and sweet.

15.  Pumpkin Pie: A term of endearment for a delightful boyfriend.

16.  Pineapple: A guy who is friendly, sweet, and sensitive in nature.

17.  Pineapple Chunk: A great nickname for a boyfriend who’s exotic and handsome.


Flirty Nicknames For A Boy 


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Flirting has become a part of us. We all do that for different reasons. Using a nickname is the easiest way to flirt with a guy.

There is something incredibly nice about being called by a nickname. Let’s see some cute names ladies love to use when flirting with a guy.

1.  Boo: This is a nice one to use. You could sing with it too just like Alicia Keys and Usher Raymond did back in the early 2000s.

2.  Sweetie: Short and simple, right? Many people use this too.

3.  Sweetheart: This is adorable because being with him feels like Valentine’s Day every day.

4.  Love: The Brits use this often. It will do with or without a British accent.

5.  Baby Boy: Well, if Beyoncé can call Jay Z this before they got married, so can you.

6.  Hottie: This is classic but effective.

7.  Dear: This is great to use, especially if you hold him in high regard.

8.  Cutie: Use this for that guy you find attractive.

9.  Babes: Make it sound like you are on an episode of Love Island.

10.  Butter: A fantastic nickname for a gentle boy.

11.  Eye Candy: This is great for a guy you find pleasing to look at. He is superficially attractive and entertaining.

12.  Nature Boy: A guy who loves nature.

13.  Peaches: A good one for a guy who’s a great friend to you.

14.  Plum: For a guy who’s slightly chubby.

15.  Precious: A guy you hold in high esteem.

16.  Rose: A pet name for a boy who is delicate, soft, and precious.

17.  Sky: An amazing boy who makes life beautiful.

18.  Smiles: For a guy with a lovely smile.

19.  Sona: A boy stunning, charming, and adorable.

20.  Spark: A boy with a bright and lively personality who drives you crazy.


Pet Names For Lovers


pet names for girlfriend

Silly nicknames for boyfriend can be fun and sweet, but your boyfriend may not fall for it. It is best to be creative about it.

Same way, you just can’t go around giving everyone the same nickname. Such names should be given based on the intended bearer’s personality or strengths.

What if you want to call your fiancé or lover by a cute pet name? Let’s run through that a little for you to make a pick.

1.  Boo Boo: Two “boo”s… Powerful!

2.  Love Dove: And if he’s a bird, you are a bird.

3.  Honey Pie: Put these sweet words together to send a message of what you think of your man.

4.  Mister: Make it old-school and I am sure he will love it.

5.  Honey Bun: If he is sweet to the very core, give him this, please.

6.  Sugarplum: Because your man is sweet like candy this will suit him best.

7.  Honey Pot: Aww, and you are his Winnie the Pooh.

8.  Tinder Babe: This might be what you have him saved as on your phone.

9.  Charming: This is for a boyfriend who is like magic in your eyes.

10.  Chipmunk: A nickname for a boyfriend with a bright personality.

11.  Sweetie Baby: A pet name for a mushy guy

12.  Sweetness: An affectionate name for an awesome lover.

13.  Sweet Potato: A good nickname for a very attractive, caring, and loving partner.

14.  Sweet One: A boyfriend that is appealing and pleasing.

15.  Sweet Love: A good pet name for a guy you cannot imagine a life without.

16.  Sweet Kitten: A kind-hearted and gentle boyfriend.

17.  Sweet Honey Boo: A term of endearment for a guy who spoils you.

18.  Sweet Baby: An endearing name for a boyfriend who is a little cutie to you.

19.  Sugar Pants: A partner that is appealing to you.

20.  Star: An exceptional and outstanding lover who is delightful, alluring, and enticing.


Funny Nicknames For Boyfriend 


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Trying to find funny nicknames for your boyfriend? Have a look at our list of humorous and funny nicknames for that special guy in your life.

A funny nickname for a guy can be a harmless jibe at his looks, habits, or personality. Remember not to be too offensive with the nice pet name you come up with.

When choosing a funny nickname for a boy, you want to make sure that he is okay with it as well. However, a funny nickname will strengthen your bond, so you wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings when you give him a funny pet name.

Certain things could make the nickname funny. It could be that the pet name is a funny word or reminds you of an amusing experience you both share.

Furthermore, a funny nickname can be used as a contact name or just a term of endearment when you see each other.

 Here are some funny nicknames for boys.

1.  Banana: For a guy that bruises easily.

2.  Clown: This is cute for a guy who acts silly yet cute.

3.  Giggles: So cute for a boyfriend who laughs a lot.

4.  Freckle: A nickname for a guy with freckles.

5.  Ducky: A cute one for a charming and delightful boyfriend.

6.  Dimples: For your significant other who has the cutest dimples on earth.

7.  Fluffy: A boyfriend who is loveable and huggable because of how soft they may be.

8.  Lamb: For a boyfriend who is very special to you.

9.  Little: A boyfriend with a very frail, small body.

10.  Mellow: For an easy-going boyfriend.


cute nicknames for girlfriend


11.  Spanky: A boyfriend so close to you.

12.  Sport: For a tough and resilient guy.

13.  Sting: A cute nickname for a boyfriend that badgers you.

14.  Tea Cup: A smallish charming boyfriend.

15.  Teeny: A funny pet name for a short boyfriend.

16.  Tiny: A boyfriend with a little body.

17.  Turtle: A cute nickname for a boyfriend who takes his time a lot.

18.  Twinkie: For an adorable boyfriend.

19.  Vegas: A cute nickname for a guy that loves to party.

20.  Volcano: An intense boyfriend.

21.  Muscles: For your significant other who enjoys hitting the gym.

22.  Rockstar: When they are jamming out or listening to their favorite music.

23.  Snickers: When your partner reminds you of a piece of candy.


  Romantic Nicknames For Your Boyfriend 


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What is the essence of calling your boyfriend by a romantic name if it has no special meaning? If you are in a relationship, it is not unusual to give your partner or boyfriend nicknames.

Some nicknames might sound silly, but they can be a super important part of your relationship. I have noticed that giving a nickname creates vulnerability on both sides.

Nicknames for boyfriend ought to be, well, humorous, and they often characterize the other person in an endearing light.  Nicknames for boyfriends should have all the mentioned attributes.

1.  Melody: A boyfriend who has a great voice and plays your heart melody.

2.  My Love: For when you are feeling romantic

3.  Snuggle Bug: For when you two are being cozy.

4.  Beautiful: When you are telling them how attractive they are.

5.  Light Of My Life: When they truly make your world a brighter place.

6.  Bestie: When your partner is also your best friend.

7.  Amazon: A guy who is tough and very admirable.

8.  Petal: This is a cute nickname telling him how colorful and lively his personality is.

9.  Bubbie: When they are being such a cutie you just want to kiss their precious face.

10.  Charmer: When your partner can make pretty much anyone love them to death.

11.  Luscious Lips: For when they are looking particularly kissable.

12.  Handsome: When they are all dressed up and looking their best.

13.  Heartthrob: When they look like your teen celebrity crush.

14.  Anchor: A supportive and faithful companion.

15.  Angel Baby: A great name for an adorable boyfriend.

16.  Sugar Pie: For when they are being so sweet you just want to eat them up.

17.  Lover: Reminding them of who they are to you.

18.  Pinky: A cute name for a boyfriend who is so small.

19.  My World: To remind your partner they are your everything.


cute nicknames for boyfriend


20.  Gorgeous: This is to remind them of how they look.

21.  Moonlight: A guy capable of brightening your day.

22.  Moonshine: An endearing name for a boyfriend with a gloriously bright personality.

23.  Cool: A good nickname for a calm and collected guy.

24.  My Angel: A boyfriend you consider God-sent.

25.  Oreo: If he is as sweet as Oreos then he should have this name.

26.  Other Half: An endearing name for a boyfriend that completes you.

27.  All Mine: A great name for a guy who’s yours.

28.  Babylicious: A pet name for a boyfriend who looks great.

29.  Banana Boo: A fun romantic nickname for a boyfriend that is always hot.

30.  Bibbles: A boyfriend who oozes of positive vibes.

31.  Caramel: A great name for a boyfriend who is amazing in and out.

32.  Dashing: A ridiculously good-looking boyfriend.

33.  Dearest: A guy friend who means the world to you.

34.  Diamond: An affectionate name for a precious boyfriend.

35.  Eclipse: A good nickname for a guy that is a rare gem.


food nicknames for boyfriend.


36.  Emerald: A great nickname for a boyfriend who is bright and is nice to you.

37.  Fantasy: A great one for a boyfriend who is your dream guy.

38.  Feisty: A boyfriend who is tough, high-spirited, and independent.

39.  Flame: For a hot glowing guy.

40.  Gem: A great nickname for a boyfriend who is precious to you.

41.  Gold: An affectionate name for a priceless boyfriend.

42.  Gumdrop: A guy so irresistible, you can’t resist him.

43.  Halo: A bright and glowing boyfriend who behaves like a saint.

44.  Happiness: A name for a guy who brings nothing but pleasure and joy.

45.  Hearty: For the boyfriend who has got the key to your heart.

46.  Hon: An adorable boyfriend and a short form for honey.

47.  Hun Bun: A term of endearment for a guy you love. Short form for Hunny Bunny.

48.  Icy: For a cool guy.

49.  Sweetie Pie: A boyfriend who loves and understands you.

50.  Twinkle: A boyfriend that sparkles in your eyes. 


We have given you a carefully compiled list of nicknames for your boyfriend. You can get his nickname engraved in a watch or a ring and gift it to him. That way he will know how much you love him.

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We are committed to giving out quality content, and you’ll be glad you visited. Thanks for reading and we hope it was helpful.


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