10 Ways To Treat Your Man Like A King

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treat your husband like a king

Successful relationships have revealed that when you treat him like a king, there’s a certain success level.

The social media view of relationships makes every step of the way seem so great with perfectly edited videos and filters to match, many fail to realize that behind the scenes a lot of situations abound.

Hence the desperation for perfect relationships has caused many to go in search of non-existent tik-tok romance.

In reality, the beauty of companionship can only be established on solid grounds of love, respect, and trust. Such values are not downloaded from the internet, they are built with a supportive partner.

how to treat your man right

With every relationship comes an amount of highs and lows, compared to the popular saying “all that glitters are not gold” the perfection of a relationship can be established through the accuracy of a very prevalent statement, respect is reciprocal.

The big question is: who should respect the other. Our society has made the prevalent view of feminine respect so huge, it probably seems odd to respect the masculine figure in the relationship.

Respect endears love when it is shown and continuously applied across all aspects of a committed relationship. Ladies, pen and paper ready? Let’s consider ten solid ways to treat your man like a king.

1.  Accept That He Deserves To Be Respected

treat him like a king

The first step in showing respect is coming to an understanding that your man deserves tons of it, else it is simply superficial and, in the end, produces disrespect.

To treat him like a king means understanding his values, goals, and emotions. The concept of feminine equality doesn’t apply in this situation, it is not a competition but a partnership.

You grow as a team not as opponents, when this is established you come to recognize his wins as your wins and hence tend to set him up for success in every way possible.

Paying attention to his happy and sad moments and understanding the best form of approach in such situations.

Hence, treat him well by selflessly considering his feelings before blurting out even in an argument or compromising situation. When the idea of respect is understood and built, practice is the easiest piece of the puzzle.

2.  Understand The Manly Ego

how to treat your husband with respect

One thing every man value above all else is his ego, his self-confidence, or as the youths would term it, his swag.

This complex is responsive to the concept of supremacy and total recognition, it hates to be belittled or neglected. It is a constant feature of the male confidence and sustainable fuel to his will for growth.

However, it craves attention and absolute creativity in terms of self-esteem, the male ego repels criticism but values appreciation as a complement of achievement.

Every man loves to be respected most especially in the presence of his peers and counterparts.

So, a good way to how to treat your man right would be never undermining his worth especially in the presence of others, it hurts his ego and damages his self-confidence.

Besides the obvious, it reduces his respect level for you as his spouse.

Don’t forget, the way you treat your man on the outside is the way others would view him. Therefore, a disgraceful comment simply reflects on you his spouse as well.

So, grow to love and respect your spouse even when he doesn’t live up to expectations, remember you aren’t exactly perfect too.

Reject the popular norm of equality in a relationship, respect does not mean slavery as many make it seem. Learn to treat him like a king outside equally as you would on the inside.

3.  Recognize The Original Attraction

treat him well

The continuous journey into a relationship after the honeymoon phase is pretty revealing as some qualities not originally known begin to show up, this is completely normal.

You learn about your partner every day so what happens when what you ordered doesn’t exactly look like what you got.

This is the perfect time to reflect on the irresistible qualities that endeared you to him in the first place.
His looks, smile, gait, or sense of humor.

These attributes never left, they only seem to wave off when you consistently focus on his flaws. Sometimes the spice a relationship need is recreating its beginning, reflect on the beauty of your conversations and the reason you fell for him in the first place.

The beauty of your pair is the ability to communicate problems without being petty and come to understandable conclusions, that is the way to treat him like a king.

Maturity, therefore, means respectfully discussing attributes your partner is beginning to display that don’t sit right with you and clearly defined values that you respect and appreciate.

You would not be treating your man right by giving a silent treatment or creating a dull atmosphere under the guise of anger but rather reaching practical ways to solve issues that might arise.

4.  Give What You Want To Get

how to treat a man like a king

One root cause of failures in relationships begins when everyone involved is concerned more about what they are not getting rather than what they’ve failed to give.

The interesting concept of giving and take seems to have lost its meaning as everyone is taking without an intention to give.

Respect goes beyond the obvious that eyes can see, in learning how to treat him like a king, it also involves public or private displays of affection. How you intend to do that is completely up to you.

This situation requires careful understanding of who you deal with, body language, mood swings, and temperamental situations would help you understand how to consider the best way to surprise your partner on different occasions.

However, if you’re still wondering how to treat your boyfriend right, how about a date night organized and fully funded at your expense, no harm in these situations.

This could range from a simple walk in the park to a classy restaurant setting or a rooftop dinner.

Once again, the choice is yours, just remember that respect endears value and it’s pretty obvious when you value a person, you are always after their happiness.

5.  Discard The Negativity

Even the holy books describe the nagging wife as a leaking roof. Of course, in the quest to treat him like a king, you shouldn’t be the reason why your husband hates to come home.

As earlier explained, every relationship has its ups and downs and unfortunately, life isn’t social media.

So, you should expect some poor qualities from your spouse, but the best solution wouldn’t be to nag, criticize, attack, complain, shame, or control him about every little dent in his behavior.

Instead, if you understand the situation that binds your relationship – Love.

You’d come to understand that your spouse would not do anything other than see you happy, hence flaws that can be ignored would be best left silenced and if it seems too much to bear, this doesn’t encourage a toxic relationship but on the contrary, an initial outburst in the face of mistakes might not exactly seem like the perfect solution, have a valid conversation as mature adults explaining what hurts you and how you would love to see changed – respectfully.

This approach doesn’t only let you treat him like a king but also value him as one.

6.  Be The Support During His Breakdowns

how to treat your boyfriend right

It’s easy to be the woman behind every successful man, but not so easy for the unsuccessful guy, right? During the start of a relationship, goals, and expectations are readily discussed and anticipated to come true as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always pan out as desired, the point at which your spouse might have a mental breakdown due to a change in circumstances or failures on his part is the exact point to utilize how to treat your husband with respect.

Praise him for his achievements, you treat him like a king when you help him focus on his wins against his losses.

The manly ego doesn’t sit right with failures, if you continuously nag about bad situations you only worsen temperaments and already bad spirits.

Endeavor to be his motivation during his bad days, lift those spirits with kind words, his favorite meal, and no conflicting moments.

Practical ways to become a great support system involve providing valuable solutions to the situation at hand, continually ask for ways you can be of help, be inquisitive on the progress of the issue and bother about it getting better.

Don’t play naïve with situations that do not seem to affect you directly, go out of your way to source assistance in getting your partner out of a tight fix or deplorable situation.

Behind every successful man is a woman that cannot afford to see him fail. So, create the right conditions for your partner’s progress and work to see it grow.

It would be great to point out that partners need to share similar objectives concerning career goals, money situations, and the growth process.

It might seem like a challenge trying to support a goal that you do not have an intention to pursue.

So, we delve into supporting partners with challenges, be sure that his goals resonate with your idea of progress and you see them working out for good.

Only in such situations would a partner’s breakdown mean so much to you in terms of practical assistance and moral support.

7.  Dress Him Up Perfectly

how to treat your man right

This is, without doubt, the role of a queen, take out time to fix your partner up properly.

Every hard the phrase the way you dress is how you are addressed? Well, coming to terms with the fact that your spouse is a perfect representation of you would help you update his wardrobe so people perceive your effect all over him.

Your spouse should be the center of attention at any gathering, the eye of the crowd, and dare I say the talk of other ladies, you get my point.

Treat him like a king by dressing him up as one, let his aura flow through you, and that pleasant perfume always filling the air all because you did your job of picking that outfit perfectly.

Tread carefully when trying this approach, while trying to enrich his wardrobe, do not belittle his choice in fashion.

Creatively appreciate his style and applaud his taste then suggest your little edits, it is loving and sensitive to observe what he’s comfortable with before overturning the wardrobe altogether.

It’s also best to make changes gradually rather than overturning the complete package, remember it’s respectful to tread carefully. So, dress him up with all the love and give him the best you’ve got to offer.

If you’re worried about how to treat a man like a king in terms of his outfit, here’s a free tip. Men love wristwatches, shoes, and bags in terms of accessories.

Classy shirts make the right fit but you treat him like a king when you check out trending suits and sunglasses to match.

Follow the fashion magazine of trending styles but be cautious not to buy all in a rush. Consider the most important part of your man’s dress code and invest in that style.

Pay attention to his deodorants, spray, and cologne. Girls seem to think that guys don’t care about this stuff, but they do when you make it a priority to them. You can make your king super classy, it just takes a little bit of effort.

8.  Be Attentive To Details.

how to treat your husband with respect

What are some things ladies love unconditionally? Compliments, gifts, surprises, and more, have you ever considered doing these things for your man? So, when your man is out looking dashing and irresistible, give him genuine compliments the same way you would love to receive them.

How about a surprise birthday party or a dinner date? Care to talk about his haircut? Or a text stating the exact thing he did at some time that swept you off your feet or at least made you smile.

You get your man smiling uncontrollably and the ripple effect is that it gets your king thinking about ways to make you happier.

So, win-win? I suspected so, it is pretty clear that your thoughtful consideration of his feelings endears him to do more just to get all that love and respect in return.

Alright let’s get practical, remember how a love letter would get you all smiling when you received them, probably a bouquet to lift your spirit.

Your spouse also loves that kind of attention, alright no flowers. Love notes are sweet and sensitive, it dilutes the complete ego behind the word man and dilutes your boo into a softie, men blush by the way.

So, try this out probably have it sent to his office or when he gets out of bed just by the lampstand, the mood switch, that’s the exact result you expected.

It is satisfying when you meet your spouse in a happy mood caused by your thoughtful intentions.

This might come as a bummer but it is equally important, the guys are constant football and action movie, addicts. It’s the thrill for them every time they get glued to the screen with the anticipation for excitement.

On the other hand, you are the greatest soap opera enthusiast while romance and k-drama would do it for you.

How about a football game with your spouse or watch his favorite movie/series with him all day, here’s the catch, you might not enjoy a bit of it.

But here’s another catch you’ve found a new way to treat him like a king. It is absolutely exciting and unbelievable when your spouse finds you getting him the next episode in the series.

This doesn’t have to become a habit, but the thought counts so try his style once in a while, it creates amusement.

9.  Let’s Get Extra Romantic

treat your husband like a king

In every relationship romance is a key ingredient, the boys love it when your thought process is unique in bedroom fantasies.

When you initiate a romantic conversation or situation, it trips your partner’s faculties and he’s ready to be loved in excess.

The perfect playlist, special meal, and freaky nightwear can just set the right mood in motion. Sometimes the little things have the best responses, so how about texting him at work with that picture you know he’d love to see.

Hey, he’s a gamer, step in front of the screen with that nice swimsuit you’ve saved for these kinds of occasions. I’ll assure you he’s more concerned about scoring goals with you than his opponent, the surprise method always works.

Let’s give you a different clue, how about asking him what he would like to try differently.

His choice of preferable moods for romantic activity, sometimes your partner may not say things he desires in a bid to not offend you however when you spark up the conversation, he might be more inclined to open up.

Also, be open to trying new things, romance can hardly be a roller coaster of already existing methods but rather a combination of newer methods to spark up an old flame.

10.  Never Feel Entitled

He is your man; therefore, he should do a certain thing because it is his obligation, okay hold up. Truthfully you have a right to certain aspects of your relationship and obviously, some privileges are reserved for you alone.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to appreciate the effort you receive even if it was meant to be given in the first place. So, avoid phrases like “he should have done it anyway” and probably replace them with “thank you”.

We do a lot of things that we do not expect to be rewarded for, yet when a reward is given it lifts your mood and you’d do more.

Note that you shouldn’t treat your husband or boyfriend like a king simply because of what you want to get in return. Instead, practice appreciating the efforts that your partner expends even in menial jobs like taking the trash out.

Discarding the feeling of entitlement helps you come to terms with the beauty of his efforts and how you should reciprocate.

Also, be willing to let go of your opinions even if they seem like the best in that situation, compatibility doesn’t exactly mean a smooth flow in decision making.

More often situations will arise, never feel entitled to your opinions only, be willing to listen, and oblige to situations out of your reach.

That been said, we also need to clear the difference between compromising and accommodating your partner.

Compromise means he is also willing to listen and take your advice in other matters, whereas accommodating your partner’s ideas would mean they are not subject to discussions but you willingly accept to avoid conflict.

It’s a two-way train with every member of the relationship not pushing his/her opinions all the time, you listen, understand, and decide what the best decision is at the moment.

Compromise not accommodation. Then the growth process continues and respect is developed without borders.

Treat your husband like a king by going the extra mile to see his happiness boom beyond the regular, tell his friends about his good qualities, help the kids appreciate their dad a lot more often.

Most importantly, tell him continuously how much you appreciate his efforts and wish him the best in everything.

You, therefore, become the spouse he always wants to come home to rather than the spouse he wants to escape from, get the difference?

In conclusion, your husband feels appreciated when you treat him like a king, it’s not rocket science but simple acts of kindness and a loving atmosphere brings joy into your castle.

The best way to treat him right is by paying attention to his needs, values, and varying circumstances, no one can understand your spouse better than yourself.

Everyone is unique hence no exact formula applies to partners and relationships in general.

However, we are confident of the usefulness of these tips to brighten your relationship and create the extra sauce it has always missed.

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