Personal Goal Setting – 10 Strategies For Success

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As humans, we are goal-oriented, which has helped many of us get ahead. Interestingly, being concerned with or focused on achieving a particular aim or result increases your chances of success.

But unfortunately, not everyone knows how to set goals, which has negatively affected them. Also, such people do not understand why their lack of success can be attributed to their inability to set goals and pursue them until they get their desired results.

However, besides knowing how to set goals, other things separate us when it comes to becoming successful in life. And I will write about some in this article.

When a thing is personal, it means it concerns you and not everybody else. So in setting personal goals, there are many things you must consider about yourself.

Failure to do this will only mean setting yourself up for failure. Interestingly, there is a good reason why they are referred to as personal goals and not something different.

So, the name should guide you when setting them, and you must remember there is no competition with outsiders when setting goals for yourself.

Moreover, one of the primary reasons why you should set goals for yourself is to make you a better person than you were before.

If you set personal goals for yourself because you want to compete with a colleague or someone else, your reason isn’t healthy. So I suggest you reassess your motive and do the needful to obtain the maximum result.


The Importance Of Goal Setting

I have heard people ask, “why are goals important?” or “why is it important to set goals?” Of course, they have the right to ask because only a person who asks questions will get answers.

However, one primary difference between a person who knows the importance of goals and one who doesn’t is a lack of vision.

In knowing how to set goals, it is vital to understand the importance of the decision because failure to understand the importance of such a huge activity will only thwart the exercise.

And the last thing you need is anything hindering or stopping you from achieving your aim. So to come out victorious, you must comprehend the importance and enormity of the task you have given yourself.

One of the importance of goal setting is that it helps trigger new behaviours. I like this because the road to success isn’t entirely smooth.

So when it seems like you are not getting anywhere with it, your drive for success will trigger new behaviours that will help you cope and successfully pass through that season without losing focus on the goal.

Additionally, it helps guide your focus and gives you directions. Besides that, it will also help you guide and maintain that momentum. Interestingly we cannot talk about setting goals and leave focus out of it. The equation will be grossly incomplete.

So one of the importance why we set a goal, is to give us focus. And in this context, focus means the state or quality of having or producing a clear visual definition. Interestingly, this is one of the key importance of setting goals.

Lastly, it will help to see the bigger picture. Earlier, I said some people lack vision, which can be attributed to the lack of knowing the importance of setting goals. And this has robbed many of what should be their reality.

Of course, there are many more points to consider, but these briefly discussed here should let you know that the importance of setting goals cannot be taken away from any successful life.


How To Set Goals

So far, we have briefly looked at the importance of setting goals. But, frankly, what is the use of knowing the importance of setting goals if you do not know how to set your goal and achieve them? For anything that works fine, there are rules of engagement to see that the desired results are birthed.

So, allow me to share some goal-setting steps that will enable you to become successful at whatever you set your heart to.


1.  Consider Your Passions

how to set goals

Your passion is one of the first things to acknowledge when setting your goals. In other words, part of the process of setting goals for your life is considering what inspires you and what your values are. And this can’t be overemphasised.

One of the primary reasons why we set goals is to become better versions of ourselves when they are accomplished. And for accomplishments to come, we must not rule out considering our passions.

When I looked up the meaning of the word passion, it simply means a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.

Of course, there are days that we may feel like quitting, and every winner or champion will tell you this. But in such times, one of the things that can keep you going will largely depend on how passionate you are about the goal you have set.

There is a high probability that you may quit if you are not passionate about the goal, and many have. And we all know that quitters never win and winners never quit. So if you want to be successful and achieve the goals that you have set, consider your passion, and once this is done, you will come out victorious in the end.

So when making a list of the goals you hope to accomplish, they should also be meaningful and provide you with a sense of pride and achievement when gotten. This is how to set goals and achieve them.


2.  Commit To Your Goals

In life, commitment is one word you can never run away from when you want to succeed. But, of course, many other factors distinguish us as humans when it comes to actually achieving our goals from those who do not. And those other factors are patience, determination, knowledge and planning and many others.

When one is void of commitment to their goals, there is no way they will get any positive results because they already robbed themselves of victory because of their lack of commitment.

So anyone who tells you it is easy to set and accomplish goals isn’t entirely honest with you. But if that were the case, everyone would set goals and easily achieve them.

There are days when you will not feel like leaving your comfort zone, and nothing worthwhile ever comes when you are in your comfort zone.

So it will take a high level of discipline and commitment to get up and do what is required for you to get your results. That level of discipline is known as self-discipline because it comes from within and not without.

It will interest you to note that results do not come when nothing is done for them to arrive. Unfortunately, the only results gotten when nothing is done are negative results, which isn’t what you desire. So when planning goals, make room for commitment because it will be beneficial.


3.  Believe In The Process

Part of the process of how to set goals is to also believe in the process. This also means having faith and believing that you will achieve your goals.

And there are many beneficial reasons why you should do this. Everything you see around you begins as a goal and eventually becomes a reality after several processes. And it would be best if you never forgot that.

One of the things we can never do without in life is time. So, this means that time must be given its role in everything we do under the sun. However, there are several facts about time, one of which is that time is not under our control, which means we cannot stop time from moving, but we can decide how to use it. And I feel that is positive so long as you use it wisely.

Anyone who has set and achieved a goal will tell you they had to believe in the process even when it didn’t seem like they would win.

And this is something we often hear from successful people when they are interviewed. But in reality, many think it is easy until they are faced with a challenge, and they have tried all they can, and nothing seems to have changed.

So, in times like that, what do you do? Chances are, many folks will quit, but you must remember why you started the journey in the first place and find reasons to believe in the process.

When faced with an insurmountable challenge, you should have the capacity to withstand or recover quickly from the difficulties that come with the situation.

This is one of the ways to achieve your goal. And hopefully, in the end, you will smile because this is how to set goals and achieve them.


4.  Set Realistic Goals

Setting goals isn’t the problem. The question is, are they realistic? It is no news that many folks set unrealistic goals. Once this is done, the probability of successfully achieving those goals is slim.

So it is vital to know what roads lead to success and what routes don’t. In this case, anyone who sets unrealistic goals has taken a path they have no business with.

So having said that, it is wise to know the difference between realistic and unrealistic goals. And you are the only person who can define what they are because you know your abilities better than anyone else.

But unfortunately, many have gotten it wrong because they failed to define those terms properly and adequately consider other factors. However, setting realistic goals is a must when it comes to strategies for accomplishing one’s goals.

When a thing is unrealistic, it means it is not real. For instance, you can’t venture into a business today and expect the same recognition as someone who has been there for decades.

Likewise, if you want to lose weight, you can’t go to the gym today and expect it done by tomorrow. So if you have this in mind, it is absolutely an unrealistic goal. And it will forever remain in your mind and will not come to fruition because it is unreal.

Anyone successful in achieving their goal will often tell you they had to set realistic goals, not unreal ones. By the way, some goals may look impossible but are real.

However, it will only require much determination from the person to see that it becomes a reality. So this is how to set goals.


5.  Be Specific With Your Goals

You must not discard this if you want to come out winning. When setting goals, whether cooperative or personal, it is advisable to consult people with a proven track record because their wisdom will be helpful.

Once this is done, rest assured you are on the right path to success. For instance, before a hunter goes hunting a specific animal he has never caught, he will discuss it with his colleagues, seeking their advice to come back victorious.

Furthermore, when the hunter goes out to hunt, he doesn’t go out without a plan. And this helps him stay on track with what he has in mind.

However, being specific means creating a plan with specific steps to achieve your goals because goals without plans or steps to achieve them are mere wishes. Sometimes you may wonder why some folks come to you with their goals but never achieve them. Unfortunately, such people didn’t take the time to do their homework.

One of the advantages of being specific is that it offers guidance and directions on how to follow through. It tells you what to do and how to do it and helps serve as a wall between you and other distractions.

Without being specific, unfortunately for such people, anything that shows up will become their target, and anyone who lives like this will rarely accomplish anything tangible in life.

Additionally, when people are specific about their goals, they often prioritise one goal at a time and go for it. But, of course, some goals are more challenging than others.

This means that they may require adequate concentration. So, prioritising one goal at a time will help you succeed in the long run. And this is how to set goals.


6.  Write Them Down

Whatever is not written can be forgotten because there are days when the ugly events of life can happen to any of us and even make us forget.

Hence, even the best of us can forget, as sad as this may sound. But, on the other hand, since we are humans and it is not strange for us to forget things, we can have things done differently that will benefit us in the long run.

So, have you ever thought of writing your goals down somewhere? Well, you should precisely write them down in a place where you can easily retrieve them when you need to.

But unfortunately, many make the mistake of writing them down on little pieces of paper, and some even discard them without knowing.

However, if you are determined to be successful, you must realise that carelessness should have no place in you. So if what you wrote down is vital to you, you will write them in places you feel are more secure.

For instance, you can write down your goals in your journal, iPad, phone, or even your computer and save them on the cloud. Interestingly, technology has helped us, and I implore you to use it to your advantage.

You can also write your goals down in places where you can see them daily. This will constantly remind you that there is something you have to do for you to be successful.

As I said earlier, achieving your goal should be your biggest motivation, and writing them down will constantly remind you of that goal. This is an essential aspect of steps for goal setting and achieving them.


7.  Visualise Yourself Achieving These Goals

The mind is one of the most powerful things that we can ever think of. And interestingly, in all of the earth’s most valuable resources, none is like the human mind.

That said, what role has this got to do with our discussion? What mental image do you have regarding your achieving your goals? If you can see it, then you can be it.

It is often said that success either begins or ends in the mind. In other words, as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

So, this means that if you envision yourself to come out victorious, you will; unfortunately, if you imagine failure, you will end up as one who failed.

So, as often said, success and failure start in every individual’s mind. So, instead of visioning failure and other negative things, picture yourself achieving the goals you have written down. And eventually, your body will work toward getting the desired results you imagined.

Also, you can use a vision board to help instil perfect images of what you expect to happen to you. Vision boards are a collection of pictures or objects arranged to help you manifest your personal goals or vision. I suggest you get one, too, because it has helped many people.

And you should try your best to avoid negative images that may plant doubt in your mind. This is one primary personal goal-setting step you don’t want to avoid.


8.  Evaluate Each Goal You Do And Don’t Accomplish

This may not sound like what you want to hear, but it will be helpful as you journey. Evaluating each goal you accomplish and the ones you do not is vital because it will help you see where you made errors. And subsequently, you will know how to overcome such challenges when they occur again.

At this juncture, it is vital to stress the need to return to your previous goals and evaluate the results. Then, feel free to ask yourself how you got your results.

You must also document your steps to victory and failure because keeping both lessons will help. In addition, it will offer guidance to know what routes will lead to dead ends and how to avoid them.

However, not all goals are the same, but there might be similarities, and that’s where your notes will be vital. Furthermore, your notes will offer insight into things like how difficult the goal was to meet, what skill or method you didn’t use that you should have, and how effective it was when you did.

Reviewing these notes and your previous goals can aid you in better understanding which methods helped you succeed.

When we do not accomplish a specific goal, that doesn’t mean we are failures. Think of the man who invented the light bulb. Do you know how many times he didn’t achieve that goal? One thousand times! He didn’t believe in failure, which drove him to continue until he finally achieved his goal of making the light bulb.

I am sure he had his notes by his side, too. Likewise, each time you don’t accomplish your goal, see it as an avenue to try taking another route to victory. So this is how to set goals and become victorious. And lastly, remember to make notes.


9.  Stay Positive

Many things will attempt to dissuade you from achieving your goals. And if you eventually listen to them, you will end up with nothing. So, they will give you reasons why you cannot make a goal and turn it into your reality.

And sometimes, those reasons may even sound logical to you. But, unfortunately, this is where many people quit.
One of the greatest tragedies is telling a big dream to a small mind.

Trust me; they will never comprehend. So instead of cheering you on, they will fill your mind with fear and doubt. And these two things are strong enough to defeat anyone who lets them into their space. So it is on this note that I say to you, always remember to stay positive.

Moments will come where you may even run out of courage because you fall short of meeting your goals. Shockingly, this is not unusual. But in such times, teach yourself to learn from your mistakes and keep pressing forward to achieve the next goal.

Whatever you learn from shouldn’t be seen as a mistake. Instead, see it as an experience that taught you something, no matter how unpleasant it may have been. In such times, it would be wise to give yourself positive affirmations.

Unfortunately, time will fail me to talk extensively about positive affirmations, but I have an article titled Powerful Affirmations for Self-Love. Please, read it to know more about how it will help you on this journey of setting and achieving your goals.


10.  Reward Yourself When You Accomplish A Goal

The last tip on how to set goals on our list is to celebrate yourself for your victory. Sometimes, accomplishing a goal may not be an easy task to do. So, since you know how hard you worked for it, don’t you think you deserve to reward yourself?

You deserve to celebrate yourself for your wins because no win is small. So remember, if you do not, nobody will. Interestingly, there are many good reasons why you should reward and celebrate yourself after accomplishing your goal.

One of the primary reasons you should is that giving yourself rewards can motivate you to continue achieving more of them.

Moreover, there are lots of ways you can do that. My article Self-Care Ideas will offer many ways to reward yourself after achieving your goal. So treat yourself to something nice because you deserve every bit of it.

So far, we have discussed strategies on how to set goals and come out victorious.

But, again, it would help if you remembered to take action after mapping out your steps because failure to take action will only produce nothing. We have more fantastic articles like this, and you can get them if you click here.

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Now that you know how to set goals, go and be successful.

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