How To Slow Down In A Relationship – 15 Ways

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how do you slow down a relationship,

How to slow down in a relationship is essential, especially if both partners want to cultivate a deeper connection, build a stronger foundation, and make more informed decisions about their future together. But then the million-dollar question is, how do you slow down a relationship when you are madly in love with them?

Have you ever been deeply in love before to the extent you feel you can’t live without them? Or have you experienced a situation where you cannot function at your best if you haven’t spoken to your partner or seen them? While both things mentioned above may sound romantic, it is clear that you cannot independently function at your best. In such cases, taking things slow in a relationship would serve you best.


Why Take A Relationship Slow?

Before I go right into how to slow down in a relationship, there are numerous beneficial reasons to take a relationship slow. Most times, people have had to cry because they rushed into things they shouldn’t have rushed into. Other times, they even blame love for their irrational decisions. But was love indeed to blame?

Slowing things down in a new relationship is vital, as I said. So, let’s quickly see why we should consider that option.


1.  Getting To Know Each Other

You sure don’t want to let someone in without first knowing them. Moving slowly allows both partners to truly take the time to get to know each other on a deeper level. This includes learning about each other’s interests, values, goals, and personality traits.


2.  Building Trust

Trust is a crucial component of any relationship, and taking things slow can help build trust gradually over time. By demonstrating reliability, honesty, and consistency, partners can develop a strong foundation of trust.


3.  Avoiding Rushed Decisions

Mistakes are bound to happen when we rush things. Moving too quickly in a relationship can lead to making rushed decisions without fully considering the consequences. Taking things slow allows both partners to make more informed decisions about the direction of the relationship.


4.  Managing Expectations

Rushing into a relationship can create unrealistic expectations and unnecessarily pressure both partners. Usually, unrealistic expectations cause stress and can make the relationship unhealthy. So, taking things slowly helps manage expectations and develops the relationship naturally.


5.  Enjoying The Journey

how to slow down a relationship

The early stages of a relationship are often filled with excitement and anticipation. Taking things slow allows both partners to enjoy getting to know each other without feeling rushed or pressured.


6.  Building Emotional Intimacy

Developing emotional intimacy takes time and requires vulnerability and trust. Taking things slow allows both partners to gradually open up to each other and deepen their emotional connection.


7.  Prioritising Personal Growth

Taking things slow in a relationship allows both partners to prioritise their individual growth and development. It ensures that each person has the time and space to pursue their interests and goals while nurturing the relationship.


8.  Respecting Boundaries

Moving slowly in a relationship allows both partners to respect each other’s boundaries and comfort levels. It ensures that both individuals feel comfortable and secure as the relationship progresses.

Taking a relationship slow allows both partners to build a strong foundation, develop trust and intimacy, and enjoy the journey of getting to know each other without feeling rushed or pressured. It’s essential for both individuals to communicate openly (we will discuss this shortly), respect each other’s pacing preferences, and be patient as the relationship unfolds. I hope this drives home my point. Below, you will see 15 ways to slow down in a relationship.


1.   Communicate Openly

slowing things down in a new relationship

Why tell lies? Why hide what you really have in mind? What do you stand to gain from doing that? It makes no sense because it simply means that the relationship has begun on a false note.

If you believe communication is vital, you must be willing to practice what you believe. Furthermore, telling lies is also a part of communication. So, I must stress the need for honest communication. That simply means telling your partner the truth and nothing short of it.

If you want to take things slow, go ahead and tell them. And also give them reasons for your decision. Suppose you are wondering how to slow down in a relationship; try telling them the truth by communicating openly without holding back vital information from them.


2.  Keep Your Emotions In Check

Often, we feel that slowing things down in a new relationship is impossible. Why? Many tell you they just can’t control their emotions because they are in love. Really? I beg to differ because we can do whatever we want if we set our hearts to it.

Keeping your emotions in check is necessary, especially if you don’t want to get hurt. However, it involves various strategies and practices to effectively manage and regulate your feelings. Here are some helpful tips. Practising self-awareness and mindfulness is an excellent place to start from.

Additionally, remember that managing emotions is an ongoing process, and seeking help and support is okay when needed. You can learn to control your emotions and respond differently with practice and patience. Failure to do that can be detrimental.


3.  Set Boundaries

We must never underestimate boundaries’ roles when considering options to take things slow in a relationship. Boundaries play a crucial role in slowing down a relationship by helping individuals establish and maintain healthy limits, communication, and pacing.

For instance, when it comes to protecting emotional well-being, setting boundaries can help a lot because they can safeguard emotional well-being by preventing individuals from becoming overwhelmed or emotionally drained.

Boundaries are vital in slowing down a relationship by fostering mutual respect, understanding, and communication between partners. By establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries, individuals can navigate the complexities of relationships with care, compassion, and authenticity.


4.  Limit Contact

You read that right. Yes, limit contact! Why? Because you want to slow things down. Note: I didn’t say not to contact them at all.
Limiting contact helps you see things differently as opposed to when you are always on the phone or seeing each other regularly. When you do these things, you facilitate things to go faster.

So, if you want things to go a bit slow, do the opposite of frequently being in contact with them. However, it is fantastic to text and call a few times daily. And by the way, don’t feel obligated to communicate or spend time together constantly. Allow for breaks and periods of independence.


5.  Make Sure Your World Doesn’t Revolve Around Them

Again, this sounds funny, right? But everything in this article is vital regarding how to slow down in a relationship. I know it sounds romantic when you tell people your world revolves around the person you are dating. That shouldn’t be the case yet if you really want to take things slow.

While investing time and attention in a budding relationship is understandable, it’s equally important to maintain a balanced life. Prioritise nurturing connections with friends and family, advancing your career, pursuing your interests, and fostering your romantic relationship.

While your partner holds significance, ensure your life doesn’t solely revolve around them. Striking the proper equilibrium is crucial. Dedicate effort to enhancing your personal growth and well-being as well.


6.  Wait Before Introducing Them To Your Family

Usually, at the beginning of a new relationship, we may feel that itch to want to introduce them to our family members. Hey, I thought you said you wanted to take things slow, so what changed your mind?

If you’re still uncertain about your relationship, it’s wise to hold off on introducing your partner to your loved ones. Why the rush? You’re still getting to know each other during the initial stages, and involving more people might add unnecessary pressure and anxiety.

This significant step can be overwhelming and premature, as the relationship’s trajectory is still uncertain. Instead, focus on enjoying each other’s company and save the introductions for a later and more appropriate time. This is definitely how to slow down in a relationship.


7.  Prioritise Self-Care

how to slow down relationship

Prioritising self-care is crucial in slowing down a relationship. Also, it helps foster individual well-being, maintain balance, and enhance emotional resilience. At the beginning of a new relationship, it is not unusual for people to feel pressured. Taking time for self-care allows individuals to manage stress and anxiety more effectively.

This can reduce pressure within the relationship and prevent feelings of burnout or resentment that may arise from moving too quickly. You can get my “50 Self-Care Ideas for a Bad Day” article for helpful tips.


8.  Practice Mindfulness

Taking things slow in a relationship is never easy, especially if you like the person you are dating. Nevertheless, by practising mindfulness, it will help you stay in the moment. Nothing is more beautiful than being fully present in each moment with your partner. Trust me, you will see things differently.

Therefore, it allows you to appreciate the depth and richness of your relationship as it unfolds naturally. Also, practising mindfulness helps enhance communication, which is very much needed to get to know them. Lastly, it helps reduce impulsivity. This is how to slow down in a relationship.


9.  Enjoy The Journey

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. So why the rush? Beautiful things take time, and that’s the truth. So why not take your time to enjoy the ride as you build a strong connection? Why stress yourself out with a million and one questions about the future? Stress comes from not knowing what to do, not knowing how to do it, or trying to figure out how the future might be. Relax!

Slow down by focusing on shared experiences rather than the speed of the relationship. Try new things together and enjoy the journey. In other words, explore new activities together. That’s how to slow down in a relationship.


10.  Limit Future Planning

how to take a relationship slow

Taking things slow in a relationship certainly means that you both should limit future planning. It is not a bad idea to consider, seeing that you are just getting to know your new partner. So, instead of much talk about the future, why not focus on the present?

In other words, avoid rushing into future plans and commitments. Instead, enjoy each moment together and let the relationship evolve naturally. This is how to slow down in a relationship.


11.  Focus On Friendship

There are rules of engagement even when it comes to finding love. People often skip certain levels and expect to magically figure it all out by the time the relationship begins. I have seen countless people in relationships with others they don’t know. Sounds strange, right? But it’s the sad reality that many have found themselves in today.

Focus on building a solid friendship first. Beyond beauty, wealth and some other things, friendship will keep your relationship going for the long haul. So, instead of rushing things simply because you feel you are in love, focus on building a solid rapport.


12.  Reflect Regularly

The pain of yesterday can still be helpful today. Not everything in your past should be forgotten quickly. In a nutshell, reflect on your past experiences. Consider what you’ve learned from previous relationships and how you can apply those lessons to the current one.

This can help you make more informed decisions about the pace of the relationship. So, it is perfectly fine to reflect regularly. However, I didn’t say you should dwell on the past.


13.  Embrace Slow Dating

taking things slow in a relationship

Are you thinking about how to take a relationship slow? How about embracing slow dating? Not many people in this generation will dare embark on this journey. Why? They prefer the fast-paced, swipe-heavy culture of modern dating apps, where people often simultaneously engage in multiple shallow interactions.

In contrast, slow dating is an approach to dating that emphasises quality over quantity and focuses on building meaningful connections at a slower, more deliberate pace. Overall, slow dating promotes a more intentional and mindful approach to dating, focusing on creating genuine connections and meaningful relationships rather than accumulating matches or pursuing instant gratification.


14.  Seek Support

When not too many people are on our path, it can sometimes feel that we are doing the wrong thing. However, most times, just because you are alone doesn’t mean you are wrong. Is it okay to seek support from like-minded people? Absolutely!

Talk to friends, family, or a therapist if you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure about the pace of the relationship. Getting an outside perspective can be helpful.


15.  Spend Time Apart

New relationships can come with much pressure, making us lose ourselves but maintain separate hobbies, interests, and social circles. Why? This helps to preserve individuality and prevents the relationship from becoming all-consuming.

The benefits of taking things slow in a relationship outnumber the advantages of whatever option a more significant percentage of the world tells you—still thinking of how to slow down a relationship? Try out any of the points discussed in this post.

Slowing down in a relationship is about finding a comfortable and sustainable pace for both spouses. It is a process of mutual understanding, respect, and patience. Never forget that.

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