10 Signs It’s Time To Break Up And Move On From The Relationship

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when should you break up with someone

Does your relationship bring you distress, tears, and agony? These might all be signs you should break up because romantic relationships are lovely and should be a source of joy, especially when you love and understand each other. So, if yours brings anything contrary to some of the amazing things I briefly listed, you should be looking for how to quit that relationship.

I know I made what you just read sound easy. But it is never easy, especially when you genuinely love and care about them. However, when deciding whether to quit or not, you must consider a few vital things. So what are those things? One is your feelings, and the other is the impact it will have on your partner.


When Is It Time To Break Up?

how to know when to break up with someone

Before we explore some signs you should break up, how about we talk about the right time to break up? When to leave a relationship is as important as when to begin one. But many of us don’t consider the former as vital as the latter, which has ruined many relationships. In other words, timing is essential when it comes to getting it right or failing in a relationship.

Deciding when it’s time to break up is a highly personal and subjective decision that depends on the unique circumstances of each relationship. However, certain signs and situations may indicate it’s time to consider ending a relationship. In such moments, taking that bold step will save you a lot of unwanted stress.

Suppose the pain, frustration, and sadness of continuing the relationship outweigh the joy, happiness, and shared closeness the relationship brings you. In that case, these are signs you should break up.

Ultimately, deciding when to end a relationship requires careful reflection, honest communication, and consideration of your own needs and the relationship dynamics. It’s essential to prioritise your own emotional well-being and happiness, even if it means making the difficult decision to end the relationship.

So, if you are confused about what signs to look out for, how about I give you some clear signs you should break up with your partner to make it easier?


1.  Toxic Behaviour

when is it time to break up

Toxic behaviour comes in different forms these days. Most of the time, they are not obvious but subtle, and the subtle ones are hard to point out, which is why many people prefer to use them. Many partners have found a way to use their subtle toxic behaviours in their relationship for selfish reasons. One of them is to gain control over the other partner.

Toxic behaviour refers to actions, attitudes, or patterns of interaction that are harmful, negative, or detrimental to oneself or others within a relationship. These behaviours can create an unhealthy dynamic and contribute to emotional distress, conflict, and dysfunction. If your relationship displays any of these things, your partner is toxic, and that relationship is unhealthy.

Here are a few examples of toxic behaviours that people can portray in relationships: manipulation, gaslighting, controlling behaviour, jealousy and possessiveness, verbal abuse, blame-shifting, and boundary violations. Of course, there are many more, but if your partner has any of these, they are signs you should break up.

Can you spot the subtle ones in the list above? That should help you analyse your partner’s behaviour toward you if you can. So, if you are thinking of knowing when to stop a relationship with someone, if they possess any of these traits, that should be easier.


2.  Lack of Support

When should you break up with someone? You can do so if they do not support you in any way. What are romantic relationships without helping or supporting each other? Why call a person your significant other if you can’t rely on them in your time of need? Are we only partners on the good days? I guess not because a healthy relationship is one where partners support each other regardless of the circumstances.

  • A healthy relationship involves mutual support and understanding.

Feeling unsupported or misunderstood by your partner can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. Moreover, romantic relationships are all about supporting each other to become better versions of yourselves daily.

So, if your partner doesn’t show interest in helping you, this is a sign you should break up. Bottom line: A healthy relationship involves mutual support and understanding.


3.  Constant Argument

 when you should break up with someone

Just as there are characteristics of a healthy relationship, so are there for unhealthy relationships. Is it possible for a relationship to be entirely argument-free? The chances are very slim. On the other hand, when a relationship is constantly filled with arguments, it is suggestive that many things are wrong.

Couples should be able to communicate appropriately without constantly exchanging words or insulting each other. However, when every attempt to discuss with your partner ends in a nasty argument, it is suggestive that something isn’t quite right in that relationship.

While disagreements are normal in any relationship, constant arguing and unresolved conflict can indicate more profound issues that may not be easily resolved.

So, if all attempts to resolve the issues on the ground prove abortive, it is part of the signs you should break up.


4.  You Are The One Who Constantly Compromises

At the beginning of a new relationship, we can easily lose track of many things because of our newly found love. But, as time passes, our eyes tend to open up to several other things we overlook. One of them might be that you have been the one making most of the compromises while they have things on their terms.

So, have you been the one constantly making compromises to keep the relationship alive? If you have, might I suggest it is time to rethink things?

This is another classic example of a one-sided relationship. A healthy relationship is a balanced relationship where both partners make compromises to ensure the relationship moves smoothly. So, if you are thinking of when you should break up with someone, think no further if you are the one who constantly compromises.


5.  You No Longer Care About Your Partner’s Well-Being

when should you end a relationship


Is caring for one’s partner a characteristic of genuine love? Absolutely! So, how do you know if you should break up? Simple answer: Check your level of care in your relationship. Do you still care for them like you used to, or you don’t anymore? If you don’t care for them like you used to, or they don’t care for you like they used to, then it is suggestive that it might be time to part ways.

Care is a fundamental characteristic of genuine love in a relationship. When genuinely caring for someone, you prioritise their well-being, happiness, and growth. Additionally, you’re attentive to their needs, supportive during their struggles, and celebratory during their successes.

Care involves being empathetic, compassionate, and nurturing toward your partner, forming the foundation of a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Without care, love can feel hollow or incomplete.

So, if this isn’t the case in your relationship, these are signs you should break up.


6.  Repetitive Negative Patterns

When is it time to break up? Are the negative patterns occurring now more than ever? Have you spoken to them as best you can, and they are becoming worse instead of improving? If those patterns persist, they are signs you should break up.

Let’s take blaming and criticising one’s partner for a case study. Words are powerful, and some of us do not know how detrimental negative words can be to our partners, especially if they are very sensitive. There are words spouses should never say to each other, no matter how heated the conversation might be.

  • Wisdom is sometimes knowing what not to say rather than what to say.

Negative words can contaminate a relationship. So, wisdom is sometimes knowing what not to say rather than what to say. Instead of blaming and criticising, how about correcting in love via proper communication? What about anger management? Think about these things.

There are other forms negative patterns can take, and this is not new, but losing your peace and sanity over any relationship isn’t worth it. When should you end a relationship? If you’ve lost your peace, that’s a good enough reason to leave.


7.  Lack Of Trust

when to stop a relationship

What’s a relationship without trust? Can two be in love and not trust each other, or can there be love without trust? What does trust mean in a relationship? In the simplest of terms, trust is everything! It is a fundamental component of a healthy and successful relationship.

Trust is the belief or confidence one can rely on and have faith in their partner’s integrity, honesty, and intentions. Also, trust in a relationship means honesty, reliability, integrity, emotional safety, and commitment. In essence, trust is essential for any relationship to thrive.

However, if trust is repeatedly broken through lies, infidelity, or other betrayals, it can be difficult to rebuild and maintain the relationship. But, if you still want to restore trust, my article, “How To Rebuild Trust” can help you.


8.  You Do Not Look Forward To Spending Time With Your Partner

Spending time with your partner is significant for building a healthy and loving relationship. On the other hand, if you feel less inclined to plan dates or fun activities to be with them, there might be trouble in paradise.

So, when should you leave a relationship? Whenever you don’t look forward to spending time with your partner, chances are something is wrong in that relationship. We all know that love thrives more when both partners can’t get enough of each other. But, when the opposite begins to happen, it tells a story that the happy ending both partners thought of might never happen.

For a relationship to flourish and blossom, partners must spend more time with each other. So, if you and your partner like to spend time apart for whatever reason, that might be a sign that your relationship is ending.


9.  Different Life Goals

how to tell when to end a relationship

Life goals are aspirations and objectives that individuals set for themselves to achieve throughout their lives. These goals reflect a person’s values, desires, and ambitions, guiding their decisions, actions, and priorities.

However, it is not unusual for couples to want different things sometimes. If there is still no resolution after a prolonged dialogue, it might be time to think outside the box.

Occasionally, couples encounter such challenges but successfully make it through with understanding, empathy, communication, and sometimes sacrifice. However, if your partner is unwilling to see things differently, ending the relationship may be the best decision.

In other words, if there is not some reasonable level of understanding, it is highly indicative that the relationship might suffer, leading to one partner saying, “Let’s go our separate ways.”

It is true that life goals can vary greatly from one person to another and may encompass various aspects of life, including personal growth, career, relationships, health, and fulfilment. Suppose your partner isn’t so keen on personal growth and you, on the other hand, are very interested in that; going your separate ways may be the best solution.


10.  Unmet Needs

Unmet needs can cause the death of a promising relationship. Sadly, many relationships have ended on account of this tragedy. What are unmet needs? Unmet needs refer to essential requirements or desires that are not adequately fulfilled or satisfied. When this happens, one partner will always go to bed with teary eyes because their needs are unmet.

These needs are fundamental to a person’s well-being, happiness, and fulfilment, and when they go unmet, it can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, frustration, and distress. Most times, this is the driving factor for infidelity. You might want to reconsider your options if you are in a relationship where most of your needs are constantly unmet. It is better to leave than to become someone you are not. The truth is that pain can change a person.

Addressing unmet needs is crucial for promoting well-being and resilience. However, if your partner is unwilling to, those are signs you should break up. Knowledge is potential power, so if you want to know more about this, consider reading my article, “Red Flag in a Guy,” to save yourself the stress of being in a relationship with a guy like that.

How to know when to break up might sound complicated. But if any of these signs are present in your relationship, there should be no need to debate whether you should leave or stay. Remember that any relationship that causes you more pain than happiness is not worth you being in it.

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how to know when to quit a relationship

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